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Whitepaper: Access to Available Talent (part 4)
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White paper Access to Available Talent (part 4) – Work harder, or recruit more intelligently?

What would happen if you freed up 20% of your recruitment capacity (time/manpower) just for referral?

This is one of the five questions we asked ourselves in our paper entitled ‘Work harder, or recruit more intelligently’. What would happen if ‘referral’ was not just a secondary activity, but a major area of focus and the responsibility of a fully committed and dedicated person?  One thing is certain; this person would account for more than 20% of total hires, incur less expense and achieve much higher intake quality. In addition to putting forward various teasers, the paper also looks in detail at 10 ways of recruiting more intelligently, such as:

  • Access all CVs (globally)
  • Approach people who are in fact available
  • Select with the aid of video
  • Matching technology for automatically referencing databases
  • Define what you want to measure in your recruitment system

In the paper entitled ‘Work harder, or recruit more intelligently’, which Carerix has prepared in cooperation with Intelligence Group, we also present 5 alternative perspectives on recruitment and 10 concrete tips on how to recruit more intelligently. Your first smart move is to free up 30 minutes and download and read this free paper