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Newsletter 14 – February 2017

February newsletter 2017 – ISAE3000 | RecruitmentTV Ep. 2 | New partnerships | Free webinars
Dear John Smith, Im Folgenden erhalten Sie die aktuellsten Neuigkeiten von Carerix:
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Dear John Smith,
Information on Carerix and Compliance

Carerix takes an important step in receiving ISAE3000

Compliance and security are of crucial importance when it comes to storing and handling private and sensitive information. This applies to both you and the systems you use, such as Carerix. As you would expect, Carerix had already put provisions in place to comply with national and EU guidelines. In order to make this process transparent, Carerix had its processes tested by external EDP auditors last year.

Carerix was proud to receive its ISAE3000 (type 1) assurance report in December. To make this possible, independent EDP auditors have been testing the development and support processes over the last few months. Along with Carerix’s own ISAE300, the data centres in which the Carerix application is hosted is ISO27001:2013 certified.

Information on Carerix and Compliance
Episode 2 – Advertise more effectively with video interviews and assessments

Episode2 -Advertise more effectively with video interviews and assessments

Video interviews and video assessments help to automate the recruitment process and make it more visual. They, for example, replace cover letters and telephone interviews. Has video already become a standard part of your recruitment process? And does it allow you to effectively identify the best candidates? Walter Hueber from Cammio sheds further light on the matter in this episode of RecruitmentTV.

RecruitmentTV appeals to Outperformer!

Are you a recruitment whiz? Subscribe to RecruitmentTV at no cost, an initiative by Carerix and Intelligence Group.

With short interviews and precise analysis by leading personalities from the recruitment sector, Véronique Oonk (Recruitment Intelligence Manager at the Intelligent Group) and Arco Westbroek (Chief Product Owner at Carerix) explain the main trends and developments.

View Episode 2 of RecruitmentTV

PRESS RELEASE: Carerix and Thalento sign a partnership agreement?

Enhanced candidate profiles thanks to integration of Thalento e-assessment tool in Carerix recruitment platform

Read the whole press release:»

PRESS RELEASE: Carerix expands partner network with Mondago, the CTI specialist

Considerable time savings by making or answering phone calls using the Carerix applications.

Read the whole press release:»

Carerix release notes

Carerix is in a constant state of movement, whether it be new functions or improved functionalities. And we’re delighted to share these with you. “If you apply a new update and nobody knows about it, have you really done it properly?

Last month:

  • Carerix User Interface; new preview screens
  • Update configuration profile: making fields read only
  • New ‘Help centre’ button

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