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Newsletter 16 – May 2017

Newsletter May – Postal code search | Chatbots | Customer case | Episode 4 | Talent is King
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Dear John Smith,
More information about ‘Postal code search’

Postal code searches now national and international

LIVE: Global Postal code search – Remote searches
It is now possible to search for candidates and vacancies within a certain radius in Europe. This is aimed at helping international customers and Dutch customers that also operate in other countries.

More information about ‘Postal code search’
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36% of job seekers chat outside office hours

Carerix embraces the future of chat bots with Joboti partnership

The virtual recruitment assistant, Eva, makes it easy to communicate with candidates, which helps to improve the quality of candidate profiles and thus offer advantages to Carerix customers

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Candidate experience: Talent is king

Tips for creating a good candidate experience

Whenever there is a shortage of skilled workers, recruiters should make the recruitment process as easy as possible for talented individuals.

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Customer case Rockstars IT: e-Assessments for Rockstar candidates

Faster and better selection
Discover how Rockstar IT uses e-assessments to gain a better insight into candidates and positive candidate experiences.
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View Episode 4 of  RecruitmentTV

Episode 4 l HR business models and their impact on the labour market (part 1)

HR Analytics, Big data and Data Driven Recruitment. These buzz words have not become obsolete like other hypes, but are now an integral part of the recruitment profession.

In this episode, we talk to Roeland van Laer (Alliander) about why they are relevant and what impact they have had on HR business models and day-to-day recruitment activities.

View Episode 4 of RecruitmentTV

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Contract administration completely digital thanks to CxDigitalSigning.
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Complex candidate search jobs made easy.
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