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Newsletter 21 – November 2017

November 2017 -Talent pools | Discover Equalture | White paper GDPR | Roadmap | HRMforce
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Dear John Smith,
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Talent pools: always possess the best talent

More and more companies are implementing a range of activities to come into contact with candidates. However, once initial contact is made, an active and personal relationship is no longer maintained with this group, which causes them to lose interest in your company. And that’s a real shame!

Why invest in talent pools?

  • Reduce the time-to-hire:the time needed to identify suitable candidates for vacancies decreases because you are already familiar with the candidates.
  • Better matches and lower turnover:structural contact helps you to create trust-based relationships. This improves the likelihood of effective matches.
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Would you like to immediately activate the Talent pool feature in your Carerix application?
Follow the step-by-step guide:

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Use an unbiased approach to make the most of your screening & matching process

Discover Equalture

Equalture is an innovative screening & matching tool with a clear purpose: to make sure companies make the most of their screening & matching processes, in an honest and unbiased manner. Equalture has developed an algorithm that (i) resolves screening challenges and (ii) realises unbiased matching.

Piles of CV’s, quality of hire, comparability of profiles, weighing of various job aspects as well as natural prejudices; Equalture converts these challenges into hiring success.

Carerix Roadmap and Innovation group
Carerix constantly tries to convert trends and new technologies into practical and useful products and processes which can be implemented immediately. This involves working with our customers and partners to explore the suitability of innovative new products.

Would you like to sit down with Carerix and our partner to see how ‘Equalture’ can improve your recruitment process? Then register now.

P.s. But don’t wait too long because there are only a limited number of places.

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White paper GDPR: Take your responsibility concerning privacy!

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/AVG) – Staffing en Recruiting

What impact and consequences does the new European General Data Protect Regulation have on your organisation? And which responsibilities does it bring?

The white paper tells you more about regulations, changes, practical applications and potential needs, and answers questions concerning who, what, where and why.

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Carerix Roadmap – Vote for new innovations and initiatives

Carerix is always trying to improve its platform, partly by converting trends and new technologies into applicable and useful products and processes.

Would you like an insight into the Carerix Roadmap and also vote for new innovations? Then send an email to to gain access to the Roadmap.

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PRESS RELEASE | Carerix gets the maximum talent out of candidates by integrating HRMforce online tests

The talent management software of HRMforce offers you online tests that provide insight into the knowledge, capabilities, personality, satisfaction level and motivation of candidates.

From effective predictors of success in a position, to the degree to which certain competencies can be developed further.

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