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Newsletter 23 – January 2018

Newsletter January 2018 – Recruitment trends 2018 | Top 6 (partner) integrations 2017
Webinar ‘Talent pools in Carerix’ | Carerix and Textkernel strengthen partnership
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Dear John Smith,

We can look back at a successful year, which was concluded by being named among the ‘Best companies: HR software’. Carerix also has many new plans for 2018.

Read about the 6 important recruitment trends »

Recruitment 2018: Digital trend with a human touch

Like other sectors, the recruitment sector also has a strong digital focus. Online tools, artificial intelligence and robotisation are valuable alternatives for many administrative tasks and are offering the sector many new opportunities.

But let’s not forget the human aspect, because the human touch could be the most distinctive factor in 2018.

Read about the 6 important recruitment trends »

Thalento® – e-Assessment
Is the candidate that looks best on paper also the best candidate? Thalento offers you an effective range of pre-screening data about candidate competencies, behaviour, skills and motivation.More information »

Upgrade Thalento® Assessments
On 15 January 2018, Thalento® launched an upgrade which mainly featured a new generation of cognitive tests that compile unique sets of test items for all participants. Read everything about the upgrade.

Starred – Continuous feedback
The feedback tool of Starred allows you to measure needs, experiences and motivations in every stage of the Candidate Journey. Improve the Candidate Experience and make yourself more appealing to talent.More information »

Joboti – Chatbot
Use Joboti’s virtual recruitment assistant to automate the conversations of candidates or employees. Optimise contact and management of the recruitment processes (improved quality, lower costs).
More information »

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI + VoIP)
Carerix has created an interface between the telephone and data environments. It is thus possible to phone directly from Carerix and know who is on the line even before you answer the call. Increase efficiency, save time and improve candidate experience.
More information »

Send, sign and receive contracts within a single day thanks to DigitalSigning. Shorten the process and never lose sight of your candidates. More information »

Carerix Portals
Collaborate with candidates, freelancers and customers. Optimise your workflows with one or multiple Carerix portals. More information »

Watch webinar »

Watch: Webinar ‘Talent pools in Carerix’

The renewed ‘Talent pool’ functionality in Carerix allows you to build and manage specific pools of candidates.

Would you like to reduce the time-to-hire, improve matches and achieve lower staff turnover? Then check out the webinar and discover how talent pools can benefit your organisation.

Watch webinar »

Would you like to immediately activate the Talent pool feature in your Carerix application? Follow the step-by-step guide.

Read more »

PRESS RELEASE | Carerix and Textkernel strengthen partnership to optimise search for talent

Semantic searches and access to big data about the online vacancy market help to further automate the recruitment process. This makes it even easier for you to find and outsource suitable talent and respond to specific customer

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Discover Firstbird »

An employee referral programme as most effective recruitment channel?

Discover Firstbird

Firstbird is Europe’s leading digital employee referral program and enables companies to makeemployee referrals their most effective recruiting channel. By using Firstbird, thousands of companiesare now saving time (hiring, on average, in just 29 days), money (saving up to 40%) and increasing their employee retention time (referred employees stay up to 25% longer).

Would you like to sit down with Carerix and our partner to see how ‘Firstbird’ can improve your recruitment process?

Discover Firstbird »

P.s. Don’t wait too long because there are only a limited number of places.

Carerix constantly tries to convert trends and new technologies into practical and useful products and processes which can be implemented immediately. This involves working with our customers and partners to explore the suitability of innovative new products.

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