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Sollicity develops HR applications which allow your employees to plan their careers. Your application will be based on your preferences and interests, and will be built by mixing and matching (tailor-made) modules. They develop these modules together with leading partners in the field of HR. That is why your solution features the best of two worlds – or of four, six or eight worlds! The opportunities offered by Sollicity are flexible and endless; and none of the solutions feature all modules.

Just like you, Sollicity likes to think ahead and wants to remain sustainable. We enjoy the quick wins, but love achieving long-term results. Where can this sustainability be found? Sollicity’s applications, which develop hand-in-hand with people and society, can always be expanded if necessary. In the impact they have on your employees, their happiness and careers and the resulting consequences for your organisation; like retaining appropriate employees in certain parts of the company and finding suitable places for people whose talents can be better deployed elsewhere.