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Integrating Carerix with Starred ensures you can measure candidate experience at every touchpoint of the candidate journey.

The labour market has never been tighter. To emerge a winner in recruitment it’s now more important than ever before to optimize the candidate journey. Measuring candidate experience is now a must, and without feedback you’re missing important insights. With Starred you gather feedback in a respondent-friendly way at every step you choose during the candidate journey. As a SaaS solution Starred excels for candidate feedback: automated, fast and user-friendly.

Many Carerix users have already integrated with Starred – Rockstars IT, Newpeople, Daan, Humares and ANWB, to name just a few. Get started collecting feedback and optimize your candidate journey.

Mark Berendsen Managing Director
+31 20 26 10 990
Mark Berendsen Managing Director +31 20 26 10 990