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Enriched candidate profiles
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Thalento is a global supplier of cloud based eAssessment & Talent Solutions. Thalento® Integrated HR Technologies have been incorporated into the Carerix platform, which means you can now access an effective range of pre-screening data about the competencies, behaviour, skills and motivation of your candidates.

Important benefits:

  • Access Carerix and Thalento with a single login
  • Clear overview helps to save time!
  • Test each candidate with just one click of the mouse
  • Better quality matches!
  • Real-time results in various languages

eAssessments have been added to our workflow and will allow us to improve the profiles of our candidates. Better candidates and a positive candidate experience – Joost van Liempt (Director at Studentenbureau)

Better insight into candidates

You have access to all Thalento® Talent Solutions via the Carerix platform. Following reports are included:

The portfolio with validated and easy to interpret reports is available within Carerix. These are generated based on the following tests:

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires

Cognitive Tests
Abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning ability

Ability Tests
Planning & organisation, speed & accuracy and language tests

CUBES Competency Suite
Creating extensive competency profiles

360° Survey
Multi-rater survey build on competencies

Mapping teams in a graphic overview

Career counselling

Building your own tests