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Optimise the candidate and client journey with marketing automation
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MailChimp Newsletter

Recruitment and Marketing are increasingly being combined to achieve the best results. Marketing automation is the ideal approach for making your message more relevant. The underlying principle of marketing automation is to optimise the journeys of candidates and customers.

This means using different tools to give readers (leads) appropriate information at the right time. Websites play an important role in this, as do other channels like social media, e-mail marketing and online advertising campaigns.


  • The click/read results for your newsletter can be effectively measured and are linked to the concerned person in your Carerix system\
  • You can more effectively convert relevant information into specific follow-up initiatives
  • Use measurement results in MailChimp to make the best commercial decisions

One of the Marketing Automation tools in the Carerix platform is the integrated professional e-mail system called MailChimp. Fully compatible within your Carerix workflow. On the one hand, this interface offers you an insight into customers and prospects who are interested in your services. On the other hand, it shows you candidates/freelancers who have read your newsletter and which specific topics interested them. The final aim is to use enriched information to realise the ultimate match.

A platform with sufficient (high quality) data allows you to specifically and personally approach your target group using relevant content and vacancies. You thus know, for example, exactly who opens your mailing and how often they click further to your blogs and vacancies.

For instance, a few days after sending your newsletter, you can create a list of recipients who have clicked on a specific link. You can then send them a specific follow-up mailing or use the list to phone them. This is actually a very simple example of the benefits available to you via marketing automation.

MailChimp – the best choice

MailChimp is an online service that focuses specifically on creating and sending newsletters for users of all devices. MailChimp is continuously attempting to perfect the technology used to send newsletters. Ever stricter requirements are being set for the (technical) quality of newsletters, both by the government and software updates for e-mail programmes.
Mailchimp is a leading player that continuously tries to develop its software and offer excellent services aimed at maximising the performance of your e-mail system.

  • MailChimp has been fully integrated into Carerix and is thus part of your daily workflow.
  • You can activate the free MailChimp integration with a single click. You must possess a MailChimp licence (free and paid version both work).
  • You are able to select from many standard templates, which can be modified to suit your needs.