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A unique insight into the active and passive labour market
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Talent Acquistion Marketing Optimizer (TAMO)

Only 4 or 5% of the people who view your vacancy online effectively submit an application! The TAMO solution by HRlinkIT has been incorporated into the Carerix application to gain a better insight into the remaining 95%. TAMO stands for Talent Acquisition Marketing Optimizer and is a dynamic Big HR Data solution which gathers fragmented data from various sources (ATS, Google Analytics, multiposter, career site, social, etc.) and offers a unique insight into the active and passive labour market.

  • Find appropriate candidates in the ‘War For Talent’
  • Better insight into search behaviour and thus the profile of candidates
  • Better insight into the popularity and positioning of your vacancy

Online sourcing is becoming increasingly popular when searching for appropriate candidates. People post a lot of jobs via social media, job boards, career sites, specific campaigns, job alerts, referrals, etc. But, in this complex online world, how do we know what works and what doesn’t? In which publication options should we invest our time and resources?

  • Evaluate the effect and results of initiatives over a long period of time
  • Make decisions based on relevant statistical data
  • Identify the impact of specific marketing campaigns
  • Incorporate the roles of recruitment channels into a single screen
  • Respond to market trends in recruitment marketing
  • Overview of all online responses, also for candidates that leave the process
  • Active advice, including benchmark-related insights

Focus on the right insights

Talent Acquisition Marketing is a complex and dynamic issue. The TAMO solution also includes active services, support and optimisation. The TAMO maturity model offers a clear insight into the current situation.