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Five 'easy ways' to automate your recruitment flow

Carerix is ​​happy to help you by automating everyday tasks, such as maintaining contact with candidates, and your administration. In this article we give you 5 tips and you lay the foundation for automating your work processes

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A busy day and a full agenda. This is more often the rule than the exception. It is usually so hectic that you get swallowed up in the craziness of the day and don’t get around to things you would like to pick up, such as building your business and managing your relationships. To ease the pressure on you and your colleagues, Carerix is happy to help you with five ways to automate everyday tasks, such as keeping in touch with your candidates and your administration. Automating some tasks will help as a reminder for your colleagues, and also overcome repetitive tasks that usually take up a lot of your time. The following five ways will help you lay the foundations for automating your work. From communication to administration. We will gladly help you move forward!

1. Automate communication

There are several ways to make communicating with your customers and candidates as easy as possible. If you work with an ATS, you can start by setting up some triggers that make it possible for your candidate to receive an e-mail after applying for a job, to receive an e-mail on his or her birthday, and to ensure that, via automated messages, your candidate and contact person consent to being included in your database.
Do you want to take it a step further? You can do so by adding different communication tools to your work process. Automatically ask for your candidate’s availability via WhatsApp, immediately highlight the latest vacancies and log all your conversations so that your colleagues always have access to the latest communication exchange. By deploying an automated WhatsApp tool, you send messages to your candidates and contacts from one central telephone number. Then analyze your opening ratio, and pening times and track the number of messages sent. This way, you will work even more efficiently, increase your reach and be sure that your messages arrive correctly.

2. Profile enrichment and data quality

Never forget an appointment, a to-do, or updating documentation again.
Through triggers from your ATS, you can choose to automate these things. For example, receive a message or have a task created automatically that appears on your dashboard so you know exactly what to do. For example, think about contacting your candidate after the first week of working for that new client. After your candidate has started, a task is automatically created with a reminder.

You can also make sure your documentation is up-to-date from now on. Well before the documents expire, you get a notification. You could even choose to automate the communication flow toward your candidate or client and ask them to update it. When you work with a candidate or client portal, your candidate always has access to his or her data and it is even possible to upload new documentation for it to directly come into your ATS. There are also handy tools that ensure your documents are digitally signed. IWhichyou can automate further and send reminders when a candidate or client has not yet signed his or her documents.

3. Search & Match

Nowadays, finding the right candidate is not that easy, and fast communication is essential. There are various tools to make this as easy as possible. If you work with an ATS, you can choose to make automated matches from your database, and your goldmine, and bring these to your customers’ attention via an integrated e-mail.
LinkedIn is one of our most important sources for finding new colleagues or new candidates.
Matching your candidate directly from LinkedIn to a vacancy in your ATS is also one of the options for quick action. One step further? You can potentially automate the entire process. From communication to actually matching your candidates to a vacancy. Automatically request interest from your candidate via WhatsApp or e-mail and then send it directly to your client. Finally, everything is registered in your ATS. While this all sounds very interesting, it also excludes the most enjoyable part of your job, the contact with people, with clients, and with new employees. Most importantly, you will be able to speed up the registration of information and easily generate the first contact with a new potential candidate :-).

4. Front- to back-office

When your candidate starts starting a new job, there is a lot to arrange. Your candidate and your client have to provide the necessary documentation and, of course, a placement has to be created. A lot of time is lost manually transferring the necessary information to a mid- to ack-office system.
Fortunately, you can save a lot of time by automating this. Have your candidate and your client digitally sign or upload the required documentation in the portal available to them. Then parse all essential information to your back-office system in an automated manner.

5. Planning and application

Be even more visible and make it as easy as possible for your candidates to apply? This can be done through social media campaigns where, if necessary, you can let new employees apply at the push of a button. And no, we don’t mean that they then have to fill in a whole application form ;-). When you opt for social media campaigns, you want to make it as easy as possible for your new employee.
Not only is the simplicity and speed for the candidate pleasant, but this way also gives you marketing insight. How many clicks does your campaign generate and is the ‘source’ the best channel to publish your vacancy on? Now you have already made it very easy for your candidate or new colleague to apply. Scheduling interviews with a recruiter or directly with your client can also be easier. By using a planning tool, for example, you can allow your candidate to plan his or her job interview hr herself. Let your recruiters simply submit time slots so that your candidate can choose a time that suits him or her. The appointment will be immediately scheduled with one of your recruiters. You can also

choose to automate appointment confirmation with a pre-filled email as well. This way, your candidate will be at the right place at the right time.

Of course, there are many more ways to make your operations easier, more efficient, and maybe even less error-prone. Keep an eye on the Carerix Keynotes page, where you will find an extensive overview of interesting articles and you can subscribe to one of our podcasts. The first podcast will be about automating your recruitment process. Arco Westbroek joins us to discuss how best to automate and how far to go.

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