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Kandido helps collect candidates for your vacancies. ‘Kandido Find‘ puts the list of found candidates in Carerix automatically. You can then send these lists messages automatically through the job board with Kandido Connect. Kandido works on LinkedIn, Facebook, Werk.nl, Indeed, Nationale Vacature Bank, Jobbird and Monsterboard.


With Kandido you can set up a search for your vacancies. NIXZ downloads the suitable profiles and places them directly into Carerix. Coupled to your vacancy, including a resume and contact details. So that you can start your day off right.

  • New candidates every hour. Kandido searches each job board every hour. This way, you will always have suitable candidates for your vacancies.
  • Automatically follow up. Set up personalized follow requests and follow up (chat) messages. You’ll receive notifications as soon as the candidate shows interest.
  • Match with vacancies. Kandido links suitable candidates to your vacancy in Carerix. This way, you don’t have to keep track of multiple systems.


Integration Carerix

All NIXZ products can be coupled to Carerix seamlessly. Want to automatically retrieve a whole list of candidates from job boards? Then use Kandido.



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