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Carerix Keynotes is the online platform for job market information. Read all about relevant topics and themes here.

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Read our blogs, interviews and listen to our podcasts featuring inspiring speakers who are experts in their own field. Keep an eye on the website for full programming and all news articles. (The Podcast is in Dutch, still interested? Follow our show on Spotify)

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Taking a different tack with ‘Carerix Keynotes’

The ambition of Carerix is to support companies in the field of software, so that our clients can make the ultimate match between candidate and vacancy.
However, for this to be successful, more is needed than just ‘buttons’. Carerix goes further than just software. With the knowledge we have in house, we want to help embed Carerix and make it part of an optimal personnel policy.

Therefore, get acquainted with our new online platform ‘Carerix Keynotes’. Register for our free digital events, where we explain the various themes. Follow here the latest news around the ‘Carerix Keynotes’ such as interesting articles, interviews, the program and the speakers during our podcasts.

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