Recruitment Marketing Automation

How do you make sure your candidates land in your database like a butterfly on a butterfly bush, without having to run after them with a net? Recruitment Marketing Automation will help you.

Content and Leadmagnets

Lead magnets are meant to seduce someone to click somewhere and fill in a form. Examples of lead magnets in recruitment are: 

  • Downloading whitepapers or articles
  • Job alerts
  • Webinars
  • Unique content on your social media like an advert. A project you’re working on, for example, or something that makes your company, or your client stand out.


The lead score is a score that the system grants based on the data that is recognized at that moment. The buildup of this score can be calculated in 2 ways. On the one hand, a contact or candidate can receive a high score, because they score well on various qualifications. Think about the industry someone is active in, their current function, or the size of the organization someone works for. On the other side, the lead score can be built up based on activities and behavior. A trigger could be the visit to a specific page on your website, opening your marketing emails, clicking through an article, blog, or vacancy and/or clicking on an advert. All these activities form a profile of your candidate or contact. Not every activity is worth the same number of points. This way, you can automatically grand points to these activities.

Workflows and Talent Nurturing

The start of an automation usually begins by filling in a form. A candidate leaves their details on your website, and their online activities can be tracked from then on. In most tools, this works retroactively. After they’ve filled in the form, you can still see activities like page visits from the past, based on their IP-address. Based on this kind of information, you decide which ‘tray’ and which workflow the candidate ends up in.

Collaboration of marketing, sales and recruitment

Not every recruiter is a marketeer, and not every marketeer is a recruiter. Even if you carry the title of Recruitment Marketeer, there’s a challenge since both parts require full attention. When do we need marketing contact, and when is personal contact required? Within a workflow, marketing decides who takes care of the next action, in collaboration with sales and recruitment, or you can agree that only candidates with a lead score higher than ‘70’ can be approached directly.

Marketing Automation and Carerix

their information in Carerix. With Carerix you can make sure the systems of both team marketing and team recruitment can communicate with each other. For recruiters, a lead score can be relevant when choosing the next step, for example. By making these things available in Carerix, the ATS is enriched by the marketing automation, so that the recruiter can look for candidates with a lead score higher than 75, for example. You can even create ‘marketing qualified leads’ with certain lead scores in Carerix in the form of a match to follow up on. The recruiter decides through the workflow in Carerix whether a candidate is ‘warm’ enough after the contact, or whether they have to be placed back in the marketing automation workflow in the marketing automation software.

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