About Carerix

Carerix is a supplier of ATS & CRM systems for staff intermediaries, that are hosted and delivered in the form of a SaaS-model, through protected datacenters. Carerix was founded in 2003 and now almost has 80 employees. Beside the headquarters on the Cornerstone Business Park Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Carerix also has a development location in Kiev and offices in London (UK) and Paris (France).

Who we are

Carerix is a supplier of smart recruitment technology for agencies and corporate recruitment teams. As a front-office software, Carerix supports companies find, seduce and match talent to vacancies. Carerix offers various solutions that suit your situation and company wishes. Based on years of experience, we offer a modern platform to support the entire process of Recruitment, Flexible Workforce, Secondments and Corporate Recruitment.


Personal attention is important to us. That’s why we always have an employee available for you to ask questions to during the entire procedure.


Every day we bring out the best in ourselves, our teams, and our company. With our partners, we strive to lift clients to a higher level.


Our employees and professional partners love to brainstorm with you to get to the best solutions for your organization to stand out in the market.

Hans de Groot









Our team

Show department


Hans de Groot
Ann-Katrin Luhmann
Kawita Sampat
Arco Westbroek
Eelco Bode


Harm van der Tol
Team Lead Support
Karolina Streekstra
Kinan Badre
Roderik Bakker
Technical Support


Mark Hopman
Team Lead New Business and Indirect Channel
Edwin Witte
New Business Corporate
Raymon Fleuren
International New Business Sales
Pieter Kemper
New Business Sales
Omar el Harrouni
New Business Sales
Mark van der Hoeven
New Business Sales Support

Customer Success Management

Tom Prevoo
Team Lead Customer Success Management
Linda Veeke
Customer Success Manager
Bart van den Broek
Customer Success Manager
Merzieh Amini
Customer Success Manager
Gunnar Boer
Customer Succes Manager
Ruben Wagenaar
CSM Coördinator


Romana Stigter
Content & Events Marketeer
Mike de Jonge
Team Lead Marketing
Harold Vogelaar
Digital Marketeer
Marjolein Bouwer
Content and Events Marketeer

Product Team

Florian Overkleeft
Integration Specialist
Bo Stevens
Product Owner
Hans Rook
Product Owner
Misja van der Velden
Team Lead Automations and Integrations
Santiago Jansen
Information Security and Privacy Officer
Jeroen Steenkamp
DevOps Engineer
Martijn van den Doel
Operations Engineer
Niek ter Marsch
Operations Engineer
Rozanne Hagendoorn
Product Owner Automations
Shailesh Bhagwandas
Junior Siteops Engineer

HR & Finance

Sanne Kalis
Financial Controller


John van Asperen
Project Manager
Jos Dohmen
Business consultant
Alwin Baaij
Business Consultant
Dennis Bouma
Sr. Project Manager
Erik de Ruiter
Technical Consultant
Milan Derolland
Business Consultant

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