Software for Temporary Workforce

With Carerix for Temporary Workforce you’ll bring in the full assistance for you and your team, completely adaptable to your work process.

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Temporary Workforce

As a mediator between candidate and client, your job is versatile and dynamic. Whether you work with temporary workers for a shorter period of time, or a longer period with the prospect of a permanent job, Carerix can support and simplify your daily tasks.

Carerix for Temp Recruitment:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Adaptable workflow
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Keep track of ongoing procedures
  • Automatically merging of activities like e-mail to the right file




  • LinkedIn integration
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Build and maintain talent pools
  • Marketing Automation integration
  • Start working from a vacancy, client, and candidate


  • Dashboards & reports
  • GDPR proof
  • Integration with back-office/payroll software
  • Publish vacancies online fast with website and job posting integration

Flexible and Adaptable

No recruitment process is the same, and you can even differentiate yourself with yours. With our user-friendly interface and adjustable workflows, the system adapts itself to you.
You can start off with our best practice workflows immediately, but if you want things just a bit different, then you can easily adapt them to your own wishes. With Carerix you are bringing in broad experience for both SMEs and larger organizations.



Search, Source and Talent Pools

Your clients request speed, and often work with multiple agencies at once. The fastest route to success is to utilize your own database. With the advanced search technology in Carerix, you will always find the most fitting candidate, whether that’s based on keywords in a
resume, specific skills, or education. With Assistant Matching, potential matches are offered to you on a silver platter. Besides, you can make optimal use of your database by actively building and managing Talent pools. Have a good candidate available? Then you want them to look no further, because you have all the options they need. Utilize all search functionalities to look for a suitable employer in your database or import vacancies through the integration with Jobdigger.


In the temporary workforce industry, there’s a relatively high turnover in employees. You wouldn’t want the important information to disappear when a colleague leaves. All communication through WhatsApp, Email and text with candidates and contacts are
automatically merged to the right file in Carerix, no matter the communication channel. This way, you have a complete overview over the moments of contact between you or your colleagues and the candidate, and you’re always informed on the contents.

Personal Assistant

As a consultant, you have to deal with all kinds of dynamics, and lots of effort and speed is expected of you. To keep up with everything, Carerix can assist you with supportive functionalities for your daily tasks. We bring you relevant information at the right moment, help you automize reoccurring tasks and offer you an overview of the schedule of your activities and current procedures, and give you a signal when action is desired or required based on agreed upon SLAs.



Dashboards and reports

With Carerix you have access to clear dashboards and reports you can use to make analyses. Think about insights on the Time to Hire, or which channels yield the best candidates for you. We also offer the possibility to add multiple data sources to your BI Tool.

All-In-One or Number-One-In-All

Whether we book a vacation, or start looking for a new TV, we are used to doing extensive research to make the best decision. At Carerix we are embracing the best-of-breed strategy, so that you can use the Carerix platform with access to all the interesting tools on the market. Whether it’s about a Marketing Automation software, multi posting, BI-tooling or a payroll software, you make the decision, and we will make sure to provide you with an integration that will benefit you.


Beside just stating how you will handle your candidate’s data in a privacy statement on your website, you will have to comply to this in your database where you save the data.
With Carerix you are GDPR-proof, while maintaining enough flexibility to influence what happens to candidates. This way, you can easily (automatically) ask permission for the prolongation through email or WhatsApp, and you have an overview of whose consent is going to expire if you don’t take action. This way, you can even give it a try personally, to retain candidates before they’re anonymized in your database.



Carerix is a proven technology within Randstad as it already being used in 12 other Randstad Operating Countries. We can thus benefit from best practices.

The main reasons for selecting Carerix include access to future-proof technologies for search & match, best integration possibilities and a great user experience. Carerix is a useful environment for our Consultants because they can see all relevant information on a single screen. Also, we can better generate appropriate management information for our decision-makers.

Adecco Group Belgium have been using Carerix as a primary tool for several years now. This includes Adecco brands such as XPE, Modis, Spring, Badenoch & Clark, Euro Engineering and 3W. Because of our challenging business stucture, we need a flexible and tailor-made tool which we found in Carerix.

Through the years the tool grew with our business, resulting in us being able to build on a solid structure based on our needs. Thanks to the available reports we can monitor all our activities precisely and adjust whenever needed. Carerix is a user-friendly tool, clear and easy to connect with external tools. This results in endless possibilities!

At VNOM, efficiency and quality are extremely important to us. That is why we are continuously improving and accelerating our processes. Clear work processes are extremely important for this. By using Carerix, we have made our processes transparent and we can continue to act efficiently and guarantee quality.

Within VNOM we all use Carerix. We have set up Carerix in such a way that our consultants can see which tasks and responsibilities belong to them at a glance. In addition, candidates are easy to find and the system is clearly laid out. The tools that Carerix offers have now become a characteristic part of our work processes within VNOM.

Our CV parsing, semantic search software and lead generation tool have been integrated into Carerix. This means users can quickly identify leads, easily find candidates and save time in their data entry activities.

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