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Are you a Carerix customer with a question? Our support staff is there for you every day. You can send in a ticket, send an email or phone our Support staff.

Carerix Support 

Are you a Carerix client already, and do you have a technical problem or question? Then send us an email or call our general number.

+31(0)85 743 04 50

Team Lead Support Harm van der Tol

Our Support Staff loves to help.

We are available via mail 24/7. When you send an email, you will receive a confirmation mail that the ticket has been received in good order, we aim to process your ticket as soon as possible.

Do you prefer to call? Our Support Staff is available by phone from Monday to Friday:

08.30h – 12.00h
13.00h – 17.00h

Can’t use the system anymore, and already checked the status page, which says there’s no malfunctions? In these kinds of emergencies, you can get in contact with the calamity phoneline you’re familiar with from 7.00 to 22.00. We will handle your notification with the right level of priority.

Carerix offers a very extensive set of APIs. The many couplings and partner solutions are realized through this API. This gives the Carerix API some flexibility.

Partners and developers choose the API because of the many advantages:

  • Stable and sturdy API, which is backwards compatible, so that the integration is functioning without too much maintenance.
  • Virtually all logic in Carerix can be unlocked through this API. This is because the Carerix user interface is also based on this API.
  • Different types of API’S fitting to your surrounding
  • Extensive support for Carerix partners. Beside extensive documentation there’s a developer’s helpdesk available for certified integrations, technology and implementation partners. 
  • For the use of the API, enough knowledge and experience with, preferably, REST or

Get in contact with our support for access to a development interface.

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Harm van der Tol
Team Lead Support
Karolina Streekstra
Kinan Badre
Roderik Bakker
Technical Support

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