CRM for Recruitment

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, or within Recruitment also known as Candidate Relationship Management, is a very important element of your daily tasks. By staying in regular contact with your candidates and contacts, you’ll be up to date on the developments of an organization, new projects, vacancies or a wanted new job. These moments of contact preferably take place in one surrounding, your ATS. You can send emails, send WhatsApp messages, or call candidates to keep in contact structurally and regularly with candidates and contacts.

Automatic linking of activities

Repetitive activities in a dynamic function need the minimal amount of manual registration. The activities that your Carerix captures can be, among other things, emails, appointments, tasks, and notes. Emails you receive and send are automatically linked with the right file. And the other activities are easily integrated with Carerix too with the support of our useful context bar. All activities are insightful for everyone this way, without any extra actions, which is useful.

An overview of activities on your personal dashboard

CRM should help you in your daily work like a personal assistant. Haven’t had a moment of contact in 2 months with your contact? Carerix automatically creates a ‘to do’ that appears on your dashboard the right way. Client agreements about the speed of follow ups? Your procedure is insightful with the corresponding SLA.

Lead generation

With Carerix you have access to topical market information in a way that works for you. This way, you can install notifications when your clients or prospects publish new vacancies online, and immediately create them as a vacancy in Carerix. If you work from the candidate, then you can view which vacancies you, or anyone else, has available.

Leads & Opportunities

Working on expanding your existing clients, or acquiring new clients with sales? With Leads you can establish and create chances for you and your colleagues. This way, marketing can create leads that have come in through the website and point them to the right colleague for a follow-up. As soon as the sales colleague judges the lead, they adjust the status and create a new opportunity, directly from this lead. These can be followed up in phases, defined by your organization. The workflow of a Tender will look a lot different than the workflow of a whitepaper download, for example. Within this opportunity, you can establish the success rate of the opportunity, and the revenue it could create.

Talent pools

Maintaining contacts is a time-consuming task. By working with Talent pools in Carerix you can easily serve a big group with the same interests. A Talent pool can exist of your best welders, work planners, credit controllers, final year students or people you have met at a trade fair. With the Talent pool-functionality in Carerix, you can easily plan your moments of contacts, or automize your registration to an event. By coupling your Talent pool to a Campaign in Carerix you will always have an up-to-date list of who is or isn’t signed up to your event.