Support for Developers

Looking for information about integrating with Carerix? We offer a great scale of possibilities through our Rest API.

Rest API

Carerix offers a very extensive set of APIs. The many couplings and partner solutions are realized because of this API. This gives the Carerix API some flexibility.

Partners and developers choose the API because of the many advantages:

  • Stable and sturdy API, which is backwards compatible, so that the integration is functioning without too much maintenance.
  • Virtually all logic in Carerix can be unlocked through this API. This is because the Carerix user interface is also based on this API.
  • Different types of API’S fitting to your surrounding
  • Extensive support for Carerix partners. Beside extensive documentation there’s a developer’s helpdesk available for certified integrations, technology and implementation partners

For the use of the API, enough knowledge and experience with, preferably, REST or XML is necessary.

Get in contact with our support for access to a Carerix Development interface.

Contact for Developers 

Need help with technical issues and couplings? Get in contact with our technical consultants for advice and support.

+31(0)85 743 04 50

Junior Siteops Engineer Shailesh Bhagwandas