Recruitment Website & Employer Branding

A good recruitment site plays a big part in attracting and binding existing and new candidates or potential clients. No wonder you view it as your business card and logically spend lots of attention on the appearance and functionality of your recruitment site.

Employer Branding

Your recruitment website offers a platform to show the culture, values, and purpose of your organization. It helps (potential) candidates understand what the organization stands for, and why they would want to work there. A strong Employer Branding helps candidates feel attracted to the organization a lot faster and heightens the chance they apply. Besides, the chance of a match is a lot higher when a candidate has a good perception of your organization and can identify with the company culture.


Recruitment Website

Carerix can offer support in the purchase of a flexible recruitment website that can easily be adjusted to the changing demands and goals of your organization. It enables you to add new functionalities or design elements whenever you need. This makes it possible to quickly anticipate on the changes in your recruitment strategy, new trends in the industry, or feedback of candidates.


Integrate your recruitment website seamlessly with your Carerix application. Simplify the management of applications and candidate data and create a streamlined recruitment process. Besides, the integration enhances the efficiency of the recruitment process and improves the user experience.

SEO performance

SEO is of great importance for a recruitment website. Stay ahead of competition or make use of SEO to attract the right target audience. The goal is to offer a better user experience and to heighten your conversion ratio. By investing in SEO-techniques you can make your website more effective in attracting qualified candidates for the vacancies you’re offering.


Multiposting is an ideal tool to enhance your reach and simplify posting vacancies on different recruitment channels. This way, a multiposter offers the opportunity to publish vacancies on different job boards, social media, and other online channels. Simplify the process and spread your vacancies from Carerix, from the moment of publication, where the candidate is subsequently matched to the vacancy with the right source reference.

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