Tom Prevoo

Lean Recruitment

The daily recruitment dynamics make it hard for recruiters to concentrate. Do I work on new opportunities for a rejected candidate, or am I going to run for this prospect’s new vacancy? At the same time, you are approached by important clients with an easy-to-fill vacancy. In between, colleagues will ask you questions about whether another vacancy is still open, and an employee will call to ask how to upload a document. Who helps you stay focused?

Your Personal Assistant

With Carerix as your Lean Recruitment Platform, you will gain insights through flows to take the right steps at the right moment. Think about the speed that is needed to take on applications (insights into SLAs) and to get in contact with candidates that don’t pick up the phone, where Carerix can get in contact through their preferred communication channel.

The plurality of tasks asks for more comfort, less distractions and faster process, for both starting mediators and seasoned recruiters.


Software is sometimes seen as a system to administer your activities. People often create their own working method around the system if it offers no added value in their own work. As a recruiter, you don’t want to record every step you take. You want to be helped, or even rewarded, in this.

The workflows in Carerix ensure that you and your colleagues are aware of current procedures and make it easier to take the next step from a workflow than if you were to bypass it. Think of sending a vacancy to a candidate where you directly send the vacancy in a handy e-mail template from the workflow or propose a candidate with all important information.

Appointment scheduler

Scheduling an appointment takes time and energy. With the Appointment scheduler this becomes an easy and automated automized process.

You give your calendar options of where and when appointments can be scheduled, which are proposed to the other participants. This way, your candidate can choose a suitable moment for their appointment. Do you need multiple participants for an appointment? To plan a job interview for example? No problem, you can easily add them to the flow.

Profile Enrichment

In your application form, you will include as few fields as possible to create a lower threshold for application. However, besides a CV, you do need a bit more information to know whether you want to introduce someone to one of your clients. With Carerix, you can digitally enrich a candidate profile, after receiving their general details. Details on how many hours someone would want to work, for example, or their availability, specific technical knowledge, or language skills.

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