Law & Legislation

Even though GDPR has become an important part of our job, we don’t want to spend too much time on it. We want to focus on finding candidates that fit our vacancies. Carerix can help simplify processes.

AVG/GDPR and Carerix

Carerix is the source of your personal data. That’s why we want to help you make your system as compliant as possible. It’s important to know that you can never automatize your process around data protection completely. There will always be an element you are responsible for, like checking and cleaning up your data If there is no permission to save it.

Carerix offers an extensive set of supportive functions to comply with GDPR-legislation.

Wat is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a European privacy regulation and stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR forces entrepreneurs to be careful with personal data, whether it’s data of clients, staff, or others. This way, you will need a good reason to process personal data. And you can’t collect and use data anymore unless it’s necessary. These rules are applicable for the entire EU/EER.

Examples of personal data:

  • Names and addresses
  • Phone numbers and postcodes
  • Sensitive data, like someone’s race, sexual preference, religion, or health. 
  • Special or criminal details unless an exception is made by law.

Automize GDPR process with triggers in Carerix

Want to automatically send a reminder to a colleague or directly to a candidate? Automatically adjust the legal basis through an action like: ‘start placement’ or ‘edit the candidate’s status’. With triggers you can regulate your process. Triggers make the whole process around the request for permission and the extension of it a lot easier. Triggers can also be used to simplify the reviewing aspect of your GDPR process.

Examples of triggers

In case of event:

  • GDPR: Legal basis date has been expired since…
  • GDPR Legal basis date expires in…
  • GDPR: Legal basis candidate has been changed to…


  • GDPR: Adjust the status of legal basis to…
  • GDPR: Send out an email with the request of expanding the legal basis
  • GDPR: Date legal basis has been set to the current date (today)


Different organizations, different processes, and different conditions are applicable. To adjust your GDPR process(es) in Carerix to be more in sync, it’s possible to change the conditions in Carerix. Carerix has a set of standard terms and variables of “bases” to monitor who has and who hasn’t given permission to save their data. You can decide the terms for the expiration of the legal basis.

Personal data without legal ground, what now?

When your candidates or contacts in your database haven’t given permission, it’s important to delete them from your system. When you delete candidates and contacts, all activities around this person disappear too. In your Carerix system it’s possible to save these details but delete all other data traceable to this person. In Carerix this is called: Anonymizing.


By automizing the approval flow, you can simplify the monitoring. Build in a trigger that warns you or your colleagues to act. Working with filters, view these each week to keep your data clean, after which you automatically archive your candidates and contacts by anonymizing them.

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