Recruitment Automation & ArtificiaI Intelligence

Repetitive activities for you as a recruiter, or moments of contact where less “personal touch” suffices, can and should be automated as much as possible. Automation is a broad concept and is applicable to each part of your daily job. Use AI functions to write various texts. You decide what you automate and when you use AI technology with Carerix Recruitment Automations & AI.

Carerix AI

With Carerix AI we make your work easier. Thanks to speech recognition, you can convert spoken commands into a written text. Think of text for a recruiting vacancy, but you can also use it for writing emails to your candidates. In addition, Carerix offers AI functions for summarizing text, checking grammar and rewriting sentences. Our AI tool is constantly being developed to make your daily tasks increasingly easier.

Appointment scheduler

Scheduling an appointment takes time and energy. With the Appointment scheduler this becomes an easy and automated automized process.

You give your calendar options of where and when appointments can be scheduled, which are proposed to the other participants. This way, your candidate can choose a suitable moment for their appointment. Do you need multiple participants for an appointment? To plan a job interview for example? No problem, you can easily add them to the flow.

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Marketing automation software helps you convert a lead to a client/applicant by offering the relevant content at the right moment. That “right moment” is often triggered by certain events or lack thereof and can be automated for a big part. Think about a candidate that opens your Job Alert for the second time, and clicks through to your vacancy, but always stops short of filling in the applicant form. Given the clicks, there’s a fair chance the candidate is open to something new. A personal moment of contact with a recruiter can make a difference in such moments. With our integrations, these leads can be labeled as a pre-match with a certain lead score in Carerix. This way, you can easily follow up on them.

Profile Enrichment

In your application form, you will include as few fields as possible to create a lower threshold for application. However, besides a CV, you do need a bit more information to know whether you want to introduce someone to one of your clients. With Carerix, you can digitally enrich a candidate profile, after receiving their general details. Details on how many hours someone would want to work, for example, or their availability, specific technical knowledge, or language skills.

Triggers in Carerix

With Triggers you can configure your automation in Carerix.
These Triggers work based on an if-this-then-this principle so you can build your own assistant.

A few commonly used Triggers:

  • Send emails automatically for approval according to the GDPR-guidelines, like a birthday email or onboarding activities.
  • Automatically create reminders when you haven’t had contact with a candidate or contact for, say, two months
  • Create an activity to call a candidate that has started a new job 1 week ago and receive reminders when a job ends within the month.
  • Check expiring documents like a VCA or passport
  • Check the status of a candidate is automatically adjusted when they have a new job
  • Automate sending vacancies with Job alerts


Emails, WhatsApp’s, and text messages can personally be sent from Carerix but are oftentimes easy to automate.
Think about confirming an intake, sending out documents during the onboarding, sending a WhatsApp to wish someone good luck on their job interview or the start of a new job.

Front-office to Back-office

The feeling of an all-in-one system, but still able to choose from the best options?

Whether you use Akyla, AFAS, HelloFlex or Easyflex, we love to offer you the choices. We make sure that synchronization is possible, and that relevant information comes to you at the right time and is insightful.

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