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Omnichannel Communication

Your candidates and contacts have a preferred communication channel. Whether that’s through WhatsApp, text, email, or calls, they can always come to you. Communication is automatically logged in Carerix and is insightful for you and your colleagues.

All communication is streamlined

All communication with your candidates and contacts is automatically coupled to the right file, no matter the communication channel. This way, you have a complete overview of the moments of contacts there have been and might still need a follow up within your Carerix.


With the integrated mail functionality in Carerix, you can receive and send your one-on-one messages easily, but you can also send out personalized bulk mails like a candidate or vacancy mailing.

Based on the email address, mails can be coupled to the right file without any manual actions. This way you automatically build a file with great insights for your team, without any extra steps. If you want, you can keep your Carerix mail in sync with Outlook or Gmail, for example.


WhatsApp is probably part of your daily communication with clients and candidates.

When WhatsApp is used in Carerix, these messages (just like the emails) are instantly coupled to the right file. Besides, you can automatically ask for availability, send job alerts, and ask for permission for GDPR legislation in WhatsApp.


The advantage of texting is that you don’t need permission from a party like WhatsApp to send your Bulk messages, and you easily reach a wider public. From Carerix you select a text to send, then you select a group of candidates you want to approach and select one of the templates.


Calling through VoIP is generally cheaper than through a landline, and the advantage is that you can couple your VoIP system to Carerix. This way, you can immediately see who’s calling you through the number recognition, and you can open your file in Carerix directly.

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