Recruitment themes

With our Recruitment Themes we like to share our solutions and our view on several important themes within the recruitment industry. How do we keep an overview with different communication channels as a recruiter? How do we provide clear Dashboards and reports and how do we make it as easy as possible for you as a recruiter in your daily work?

These are our Recruitment Themes


Recruitment Automation

Repetitive activities for you as a recruiter, or moments of contact where less “personal touch” suffices, can and should be automated as much as possible. Automation is a broad concept and is applicable to each part of your daily job. You decide what you automate with Carerix Recruitment Automations.

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Search & Match

Make the most of your database and search from both the candidate and the vacancy. Let us help you make the best matches.

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Omnichannel Communication

WhatsApp, text, email or call, they can always come to you. All communication is automatically logged in Carerix and is transparent to you and your colleagues.

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Recruitment Analytics & Dashboards

Unlock Carerix data in your existing BI Tool or directly 6 practical Dashboards in Qlik or PowerBI with the ability to scale up.

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Lean Recruitment

The daily recruitment dynamics make it difficult for recruiters to stay focused on what is important and at what time. By offering you information at the right time, we help you work faster and more efficiently.

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Recruitment Marketing Automation

That Marketing Automation has proven itself in retail is nothing new. Within recruitment probably not either, but what can you actually do with Marketing Automation in practice as a recruiter?

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CRM for Recruitment

CRM, Customer Relationship Management or within Recruitment also used for Candidate Relationship Management. Maintain your contacts at the right time.

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Recruitment Website & Employer Branding

A good recruitment and job site plays an important role in attracting candidates and promoting a positive candidate journey.

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Best of breed

Whether it's a Marketing Automation package, multiposting, match technology or compensation software, you choose from our extensive marketplace of integrations.

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Law & Regulation

With Carerix, you have all the control you need to comply with the data protection process.

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