Carerix tailored trainings

Trainings that are tailored and on location. Carerix offers a training location and regular trainings at our training location at Rotterdam Airport. Want to organize a training that is focused on the intentions and work processes of your own organization? Then we also offer In Company trainings.

Contact with the Academy


During this training you can indicate in advance which subjects require extra attention for you and the (fellow) students. Extra attention will then be paid to these subjects during the training. Contact Team Academy

Custom training

Do you want to adapt the entire training program to your own wishes? Then choose the tailor-made training option.

Both options can be given at a location of your choice. If desired, you can also follow the training in your own Carerix application instead of in our training application. The lessons then work with a recognizable fabrication. Contact Team Academy

Alwin Baaij

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Do you want more information? Contact our Academy Team.