Best recruitment software for agencies

Carerix has developed the best recruitment software for agencies. During the development, we used our long-standing expertise and experience to build a cloud-based platform that supports the whole CRM, recruitment and staffing process. By using our intelligent applications, you are able to deliver the best candidates because you have a better insight in de profiles of talented individuals.

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Tools for different target groups

Everyone should work with the best recruitment software for agencies. That is why we developed various solutions to offer appropriate tools to improve the experience of each target group. The Customer Experience focuses on outsourcing, support and delivery, while the Candidate Experience focuses on finding, enticing and exciting appropriate candidates.

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Looking for the best recruitment software for agencies?

When you are looking for the best recruitment software for agencies, you expect it to meet certain requirements. It has to fit your business preferences and it has to work flawlessly, quickly and flexibly. Carerix has developed various editions of its cloud-based software, so you can choose the software that fits your organisation best.

Choose the Starter Edition when you need a kick-start in recruiting, or the Recruitment Edition for quick access to your procedures and to monitor all commercial activities in your organisation easily.

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