CRM recruitment advice

For CRM recruitment advice, you have to go to a specialist with long-time experience in recruitment and the appurtenant software and solutions. Carerix has long-standing expertise and experience and has developed a modern cloud-based platform for all CRM, recruitment and staffing activities. We have developed various editions of our software, so you can choose the solution that fits your organisation and business preferences best.

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CRM recruitment software: advice for the best software for your organisation

We developed different editions of our recruitment software. Organisations that just started their recruitment activities can use our Starter Edition. It is a complete recruitment system, but without the time-consuming and complicated implementation. However, large companies can also use our CRM recruitment software, with the Corporate Edition. All of our expertise and experience is implied in this edition and is offers the best service to managers and employees and the best candidate experience. We also offer a Recruitment Edition, a Staffing Edition and Website Solutions to connect the best software to your website. If you don’t know which CRM recruitment software edition is best for your organisation, Carerix will gladly give you advice.