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Customer case: Carerix ATS fits with Newpublic’s growth ambitions

Newpublic supplies young talent to municipalities and councils all throughout the country and has been using the Carerix platform ever since it was founded in 2010. However, a thorough shake-up was needed due to growth and positive changes within the organisation. And this led to wholesale changes in the front as well as the back office, which in turn led to simpler, more effective and faster work processes. This has helped to save a lot of time and money and has had a positive impact on the company's operating result.

“Newpublic aims to create a modern government”, explains director Rebecca van de Lagemaat. “Our company recruits and selects ambitious recent graduates, who can effectively use their youthful energy to realise necessary changes within government institutions. The trainees are employed by Newpublic and follow a comprehensive training programme. They also work on various assignments within government organisations. Most of them work for municipalities, but some also work for the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), provincial councils, public libraries, etc.”

Need for structure

When Newpublic was founded eight years ago, the company decided to purchase Carerix's ATS system. Van de Lagemaat: “The company was a start-up at the time and Carerix was only needed for very basic things. But as Newpublic grew, we had increasing need for structure and process support.” That's why the company decided to contact Carerix, which first performed screening to determine which processes needed to be implemented.

Intensive but valuable change process

“We were determined to start and assigned three people to the process for a whole year”, says Van de Lagemaat. To start with, I somewhat underestimated the scale and impact of the whole process. It turned out to be more complex than I thought, but very valuable and necessary. Everything is inter-connected; so if you try to open a single draw, the whole chest of draws also opens.”


But the result has been worthwhile. Newpublic's whole recruitment process now has a much more intelligent lay-out. Efficiency has mainly been improved thanks to the transparency and structure of processes. All information about candidates has been stored in the system, which means there is no more ambiguity about, for example, the holiday periods of particular candidates. However, data is also immediately registered in the Carerix system when people apply via the website. In addition, Carerix also supports the whole process that follows: how much progress have candidates made in the procedure; have they been to the interview; if so, when and what was the result? And via which channel do most candidates apply and how long does a particular procedure take?

Time savings & effective management

“This is a real revolution for us”, states Van de Lagemaat. “We can now access more data and statistics for management purposes. There were only three of us when everything started eight years ago, and we had a more simple way of working which involved a lot of verbal interaction. If we needed information about candidates, we printed out their CV's. This works well if you only have three people in the back office and 10 to 15 trainees in the field. However, in the meantime, there are eleven people in the office and 45 to 50 trainees in the field. So things can become chaotic if your information is not structured.”

A lot of time has also been saved when it comes to billing. In the past, this was done manually using several systems. But the whole process has now been fully digitalised using Carerix. “This offers us a much better insight into what is going on.”

Partnership: enjoyable & honest

The Carerix platform is working well and the partnership has been very enjoyable. Van de Lagemaat: “The Carerix consultants who supported us have great understanding of the process as well as the system. But it was also good to receive honest advice so we could adopt different approaches in certain aspects. The process was demanding, but it was more than worthwhile in the end. Newpublic aims to continue growing, but knows the Carerix system will allow us to face all future challenges.”

Carerix: flexible cloud-based software for CRM, recruitment and staffing

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Management Summary

  • Customer: Newpublic
  • Sector: Personnel services for public sector
  • Challenge: Need for structure and process support
  • Solution: CxStaffingEdition


  • Time savings and efficiency
  • Structure
  • More data & statistics available
  • Effective management / extra basis for decisions