• Video recruitment


Add personality to a resume with video. With the Cammio platform, offices and employers can easily use video throughout the entire candidate journey. Enhance your conversion with authentic, easy-to-create video vacancies, approach candidates through video messaging and judge them with various video-interview formats.


  • Judge candidates on their ‘soft skills’ too
  • Physical distance or traffic will not be a problem anymore
  • Absent colleagues can see the candidate too
  • Increase the reach with video-advertisement/video-vacancies



In a 30-second video pitch, candidates have the freedom to present themselves. This way, you won’t have to just judge someone based on facts from their resume, but you can judge their motivation and personality, too. There will only be 30 seconds to make an impression on you and the employer, in which the candidate can distinguish themselves from the rest.

Live and automated interviews

Want more than a first impression? Then choose live or automated interviews. Ask your candidate multiple questions through video or text. The amount of takes, and the length of the video can be configured by the candidate. You can also have conversations and record them. This way, job interviews can be done from a distance, wherever and whenever you want.

Create an authentic video with your colleagues or clients for each vacancy and attract more candidates. With Cammio Stories, every recruiter can do this, fast, and without having to edit. Easily publish a call-to-action in the video to enhance conversion.


Integration Carerix

Thanks to the integrated video display in Carerix you’ll have a complete candidate/match preview. Carerix supports two options.


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