• Search, Match & Source


Through this tool in Textkernel, Jobfeed, it’s possible to gain insight into advert behavior of prospects or clients and in recruitment demands, to find the right candidate for your vacancy.


Jobfeed automatically searches the internet for vacancies. The vacancies it finds will automatically be saved, deduplicated and categorized in criteria like job, academics, location, and company name in Jobfeed. The data can easily be enriched with information like job synonyms, industry-information, and company details.

  • Receive daily leads from Jobfeed in your inbox Identify new companies that are in need of recruitment
  • Create efficiency by focusing on opportunities with a higher chance of success
  • Match from your candidate file and increase your ROI on sourcing
  • Enrich real-time market data to give your clients useful insights
  • Get automized updates of changes in the job market.


Integration Carerix

When the Trustee has activated the adjustments for JobFeed, a new tab with Candidate file will become available.

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