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Minggo is a no-code platform that lets you easily create candidate and client portals and automations on top of Carerix.

Create portal automations on Carerix super fast

As a Carerix user, you can easily add Minggo’s candidate automations and recruitment portals to Carerix. Start from a template or use the app builder to create a proposal portal, candidate app or customer portal. And that without a developer!

Digitize your entire recruitment process

Digitize every manual step in the candidate and customer process with a portal or automation. You can add endless functionalities, such as:

  • Application forms
  • Screening questions
  • Submit availability
  • Vacancy proposal
  • Registration pages
  • Propose candidates
  • Create vacancies

Customize your portal quickly and easily

Do you want to add a field or color to the portal? Quickly adjust text, color, images and fields. This way you can always optimize and update everything, without any hassle.

Completely synchronized with Carerix

Your portals are flawlessly integrated with Carerix. All information about candidates, vacancies, fields, status etc. automatically goes from your portals to Carerix and back.

See our solution work for you?

Request a demo and see how Carerix can work for you. Based on your workflow and our wide experiences we will give you a demo in person or online. We will also take you through the technological developments for recruitment.