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Thalento is a leading Cloud/SaaS-supllier that delivers Personality and Motivation Assessments, Behavioral and Cognitive Tests, Competence Solutions and People Analaytics.


Thalento® is a leading Cloud/SaaS-supllier that delivers Personality- and Motivation Assessments, Behavioral- and Cognitive Tests, Competence Solutions and People Analaytics. Our Assessment & Talent Solutions are directly available from the Carerix-platform. This means direct access to valuable decision information for attracting & selecting the right candidate.

Important advantages

  • Access to Carerix and Thalento® with just one login
  • Clear and easy overview for time saving
  • Test each candidate with just a few clicks
  • Better quality matches
  • Real-time results in different languages

With Assessments as part of our workflow, we can enrich our candidate profiles. Better candidates, and a positive candidate experience.

More insight in people

You’ve got direct access to all Thalento® Assessment & Talent Solutions through the Carerix-platfom. The following reports are included:

The portfolio with validated and easy-to-interpret reports are available in Carerix. These are generated based on the following assessments:

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires
Personality- & Motivation Assessments
Professional behavior, personality, motivation, and performance

Cognitive tests
Abstract, numeric, and verbal reasoning ability

Skills tests
Planning & organization, Pace & accuracy, Control & Classification skills, commercial skills, values, negotiation styles, Checking & Verifying data

CUBES Competentieon Management
Creating elaborate competence profiles

360° Survey
Multi rater questionnaires based on competence

Mapping out teams in a graphic overview

Build your own test surroundings

Integration Carerix

Thanks to the integration between Carerix and Thalento, it’s possible to send out, receive and judge assessment from your Carerix application. The information is directly processed in the selected fields in the candidate file.

  • All Assessments directly in your Carerix application
  • Available in different languages
  • Reports directly coupled to the concerning file
  • Automized Assessments sent at a moment of choice during the matching process


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