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Xing is a German social network for professional and business contacts. Through Carerix it’s possible to parse candidates from Xing to your application.


  • Professional network: Xing is focused on professional networks and offers users the possibility to get in contact with colleagues, business partners and other professionals.
  • Events and groups: Xing has a calendar with events that are related to specific industries and interests.
  • Besides, users can become members of different groups, to get in contact with people that have similar interests or jobs.
  • Job board: Xing also has a job board where users can search for vacancies or publish them. This is particularly useful for job seekers and companies looking for qualified employers.


Integration Carerix

Through the Carerix Social Browser it’s possible to parse candidates and/or contacts from Xing to Carerix with this extension. Through the Social Browser there are the following options:

  • Compare your database with the data on Xing, and update these with just one press of a button.
  • See whether a candidate from Xing has already been matched with a vacancyAdd notes to a candidate or contact straight away when you view them in Xing
  • Link companies to new contacts directly when creating them
  • Match candidates directly to your vacancyFrom the Social Browser you can open existing candidates in your Carerix platform immediately

The LinkedIn/Xing-Browser Chrome plugin is available in Dutch and in English. The language you get depends on the settings of your Chrome browser.

Download the LinkedIn/Xing browser in the Chrome webstore »

How to install the LinkedIn/Xing Browser? »


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