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06 July 2020

Actief Interim puts a focus on digitising processes with Carerix

Actief Interim was founded in 1988 as a small family business. They have now grown into a temporary employment group that is active in 4 countries across Europe. In 2014 Actief Interim took the companies TIP Personnel services and Tence deployment agency in the Netherlands. Actief Interim soon continued their services in Germany and Austria. The office network in Flanders and Wallonia was also further expanded to be even more anchored locally. With this growth as a starting point, the ambition is to eventually become a top 5 player within the Belgian staffing market.

From an all-in-one system to separate front office software

A special Digital Solutions Team has been set up within Actief Interim, with a focus on digitization. The team is therefore always working on the experience of our colleagues, but of course also from clients and candidates.

“We have been using our previous system for over 7 years, it was used for both front- and
backoffice. Over the years we have grown enormously and are active in Belgium with 86 offices and approx. 450 colleagues.” Sören Seels, Digital Solutions Manager at Actief Interim, tells.

In recent years, the possibilities in the field of recruitment software have developed enormously, so Actief Interim started the search for an ATS.

The search for future-proof Recruitment Software

In the old systems of Actief Interim, people mainly missed the speed and user-friendliness that you need as a consultant in the recruitment industry. “It was therefore our intention to catch up in 2020 and to strengthen our front office with a new package.” Sören said.

Actief Interim started from the recruitment process, drew up an RFI (Request for Information) and based on this information they invited various parties for a demo.

Why Carerix?

In addition to the information and demos obtained from the various systems, several were running to research. For example, Actief Interim examined the technology, such as the APIs, and they had contact with several references.

“This also increased our confidence in Carerix and its implementation partner HRLinkit. After all, you are looking for a partner with whom you can work well and have confidence in. From the first contact we experienced the personal approach. Carerix is ​​distinctive in this.”

“At Carerix, we saw that we could configure the system to our own work processes as much as we needed. The partner platform and integrations have also been important factors. In this way, the integrations really help the user in their daily work, such as the handy VDAB browser, Actonomy and InGoedeBanen.” Sören said.

In addition to a front office system, Actief Interim also worked with a separate back office system. By working with two different systems, it is desirable that there is a good 2-way connector for this.

“Although there was no existing connection with our current back office system, we already saw so many possibilities and improvements that we have made the choice to start with Carerix and even started implementation earlier than initially planned . At the end of this year we will implement our new back office system that we can seamlessly connect to Carerix.”

The right time to implement Carerix

After Actief Interim chose Carerix, the implementation process followed in which the recruitment software from Carerix was completely delivered to Actief Interim.

“We also experienced the Carerix and HRlinkIT approach that we experienced during the preliminary phase during the implementation. You notice in everything that there is a lot of knowledge and experience with similar processes.” Sören Seels says.

“Corona has created additional challenges, but we have stuck to our live date and it worked. In hindsight, it was even a good time to get the new one implement and launch software during this period.”

Actief Interim felt the need to digitize was greater than ever. Because of the Corona
Under circumstances, this need only increased. The wish of Actief Interim was that the consultants should immediately have the right tools at their disposal after the restart after Corona to have.

“We have also started with the digital signing of documents, which is no unnecessary luxury at this time.” Sören jokes.

The CEO of Actief Interim, Bruno Thollebeke was also very positive about the implementation of Carerix. The challenge to meet the 450 colleagues within Actief Interim distance training was turned into a positive experience.

“Of course the experience is different when training at a physical location, but we are very much to speak well about the flexibility and professionalism to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that completely online. We have received a lot of positive feedback from colleagues.” Said Bruno Thollebekke, CEO.

Sören continues: “The first experiences with the use of Carerix are also very positive. We already noticed this during the training sessions. Searching and matching is a relief. There were high expectations and they came true. Carerix is ​​experienced as a user-friendly and intuitive system, not too difficult to learn and many possibilities for both Branch managers and HR consultants. ”

Live with 450 new Carerix users

Actief Interim chose to provide all 450 colleagues with access to Carerix. A challenge, because with such large numbers many questions can be expected. Actief Interim has set up a special ticket system to monitor these questions, in which the administrators can see for themselves which questions come in and what the desired guidance on these questions is.

“If we can’t figure it out ourselves, we will put our questions to Carerix and HRlinkIT. In addition, we call the branches every week to actively collect feedback.” Sören says.

Actief Interim now uses Carerix for a short period. The first days there were many questions. Buttons are somewhere else than people are used to, or a certain workflow has changed slightly and how do you publish a vacancy? Based on this, Actief Interim made a number of videos to support its consultants. These videos were made according to their own policies and work processes and are therefore directly applicable in practice for the consultants.

The future

“We are very positive about the future with Carerix. The go-live was successful, the basic training went well, the further coaching and training of the consultants is in full swing. Our consultants will do even better in the coming weeks and months
make more intensive use of Carerix and we certainly expect positive results.” Sören says.

“We are convinced that matching candidates to vacancies and clients through Carerix will run even more efficiently.”

In terms of office organization and follow-up, the dashboards will be an important added value for Actief Interim. In the near future, Carerix and Actief Interim expand the reports and dashboards and bring them together with other data sources, so that Actief Interim will have more insight in data and will be even better in improving processes.