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19 October 2021

Better candidates and a positive candidate experience through the use of online assessments

The use of online assessments in the recruitment process is increasing. Many organizations rely on the use of a recruitment tool for, for example, testing certain skills. But what exactly are the advantages and is such an online assessment suitable for every position?

Compare candidates in an objective way

The best candidate does not necessarily just have the right education and experience. Personality and soft skills also play an important role in selecting the best candidate. An initial selection often takes place on the basis of a motivation letter and CV. There are then many options for continuing the selection procedure. You can choose to invite a selection of candidates for an initial interview. But you can also try to compare the candidates in an objective way. The latter is what is attempted with an online assessment.

Is an online assessment always suitable?

Whether an online assessment is really of added value depends on the vacancy for which you are recruiting candidates. A candidate is often hired on the basis of ‘how someone comes across’, but this in fact says little about or the qualities required for the open position. Therefore, think carefully about what exactly you want to achieve with the assessment, which assessment fits what you have in mind, and also at what point in the process you want an assessment to take place.

Assessment in the first phase of a job interview
If you choose to take an assessment at the beginning of the selection process, you can test the basic skills that are important for the position. With the outcome of this you can then make a first selection and invite the most suitable candidates for a first online or personal meeting. The advantage of this? The time you gain through this automated first round can be used for more personal attention in the follow-up process. With only a few suitable candidates, you can therefore go in-depth in the first stage of the selection process.

Assessment in the final phase of a job interview
An assessment can also be valuable in the final phase of the selection process. You use the assessment as support in the choice you have to make between the last two or three candidates. The assessment usually consists of several parts. For example, a capacity test, a personality test or a practical case. The advantage of this way of testing is that you do not base your final choice on feelings, but on facts.

The advantages

  • A positive candidate experience
    An assessment is often used to shorten the application process or the duration of the interview. An online assessment is generally experienced positively by the applicant and thus improves the candidate experience. By ensuring as few barriers as possible when applying for a job, you also ensure positive feedback from your applicants. With this feedback you can evaluate the application process and improve your entire candidate experience.
  • Objective way of recruiting
    In an assessment everyone starts from the same starting point. There is a structured investigation of how candidates score on certain components. This means that you can ultimately make a well-considered, objective choice between the remaining applicants.
  • Improved time to hire
    It helps recruiters to do candidate screening faster. A favorable side effect is that you can also reduce your recruitment costs by reducing the time-to-hire. You can automatically remove unsuitable candidates from the process, making the recruitment process faster and saving you on the costs of recruiting candidates.

​​Does an online assessment really produce better candidates?

Each selection module has its advantages and disadvantages. But whether an online assessment actually produces better candidates is difficult to determine. Because in addition to the outcome of an online assessment, other factors also play a role in the successful functioning of an employee. Given the advantages, it may be logical that more and more organizations choose to use online assessments. But keep in mind that you choose the right type of assessment. Either way, using an online assessment anywhere in the selection process will help you avoid major mistakes in the selection process. For example, if you have doubts or did you receive answers during the conversation that you were not completely satisfied with? By using an online assessment you can make targeted choices. After all, it is measured neutrally.

Online assessments in your Carerix application

With the integration of Thalento in your Carerix application you have direct access to various assessments. With assessments such as Talent Solutions and Talent Intelligence Tools, you receive valuable information for attracting and selecting the best candidates. Would you like to know more about how you can improve your candidate experience by using assessments? Please contact us.