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09 November 2020

Careermaker improves Recruiter & Candidate experience through VoIP integration 

Everyone knows: being reachable as a recruiter is essential in your work. For a long time Careermaker, a specialist in finding and matching of people in various fields, still worked with an old telephone system that no longer matched the wishes and needs of the recruiter and consultant. With approximately 40 colleagues spread over two locations in Rotterdam, it was important to be able to work at any time and from any location.

Careermaker operates since 2000. Back then, the agency started with a landline telephone on every desk, but since the attendance of smartphones, every employee now is now equipped with one. Although this was a good first step, it also turned out to have some drawbacks. For example, the holiday period, in which phones were passed on to each other and the client or candidate got an unknown person or – in the worst case – no one at all on the phone.

Bjorn Kamman, Process Manager at Careermaker, saw points for improvement and, together with ICT partner hallo, he started a research into the optimization of current work processes.

From an old telephone system to VoIP solution

Since Careermaker works with the new VoIP telephony system from hallo, work has been done a lot more efficient and faster. Before VoIP, recruiters were unsure who was calling and had to put a lot of callers through to the right consultant.  A pop-up on the screen now shows who is calling and who is the responsible recruiter. This way, calls are picked up by the right person and no more time is lost on forwarding calls. In addition, Careermaker can now call someone directly by clicking on a telephone number in Carerix. The recruiter simply works from one system for all means of communication.

“With the hallo, VoIP system it is a lot more easier to work, you can immediately see who is calling and you have the right file for you. I think we improved on our customer friendliness”, says Bjorn Kamman.

With a tool like hallo, you can unleash all kinds of analyzes on your working method. You can not only see who is calling but also when someone is calling, how long, how often and you can even link a BI tool through which statistics become visible.

“We don’t make much use of the BI options yet, but it’s nice that we can prepare all kinds of analyzes from the data that hello, collects – ideal for sales-oriented organizations”

A clear plan

After the choice fell on hallo, Toine van den Boomen of hallo, was contacted. Toine supervised the entire sales process and looked at what could be the best solution in the situation of Careermaker. Ultimately, Bjorn and Toine opted for a mix of mobile and landline telephony, where employees can work from any location independently.

“We often see that the integration with their CRM package is a great leap forward in achieving the ultimate customer experience. Due to the rapid recognition of the customer and his file, this is a must for any organization that wants to offer the highest possible service to its customers. Unique to the hello, solution is that the Carerix customer card is also presented on your PC for callers to your mobile number ”. Toine van den Boomen tells.

Live with VoIP

Careermaker has been working with the new VoIP system since the beginning of 2019 and the integration is used throughout the entire organization. Recruiters and consultants can now work much more customer-oriented and faster. It is difficult to measure the exact results of the integration but what it definitely produces is a higher score on candidate experience. Because when you call someone, you want to be helped as well – and preferably as quickly as possible.

“This tool has really improved that. Shorter calls, better help and more personalized greetings. Efficiency has also improved, everyone can now work from anywhere. This is especially noticeable now with corona & working from home”.