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30 April 2020

Carerix implementation during the corona crisis

Because of COVID-19, some work processes may require a different approach. Nevertheless, there are several implementations on schedule that start or are completed successfully. Maybe a bit different, but still retaining our knowledge and quality.

You may wonder how an implementation can continue successfully. That this time also offers opportunities for Carerix implementations, becomes clear when we contact Amatch Detachering and Intergamma. According to our customers, the implementation of your Carerix system can, with a few minor adjustments, simply start without any problems. 

The start of an implementation

At Carerix implementations start with a business scan, in which processes are optimized. Then there follows a suitable project plan and after this a project manager of Carerix is ​​linked to the relevant project. Together with the consultants, a suitable configuration is found that meets your wishes.

Implementation in practice

The implementations will continue as usual. For example, Amatch Detachering – a recruitment agency specializing in technology, opted to purchase a software package during the corona period. Why?

“As the work in recruitment is getting a bit quieter, we now have time to optimize our work processes. Until recently we did not use a software package, but noticed that there came questions from the work floor about how we could organize our work processes better ”, says Denise Buquet HR employee at Amatch Detachering.

Times of crisis require creativity. Intergamma (a Dutch franchise-organisation, who owns two hardware store-chains, named Gamma and Karwei) were in the middle of a software implementation when various measures were implemented in the Netherlands. For Pieter Voorwinden, senior recruiter at Intergamma, it was also a bit of a switch: “We had to put the implementation because of the coronavirus“ on-hold ”and extended the contract with our current supplier. Because of the corona virus, the focus is now mainly on our stores, because it is very busy there. What we are also working on is the Carerix franchise portal. This is going according to plan and we would like to implement it as soon as possible.”

Although the implementation at Amatch has only just started, Denise also notices the consequences of the corona virus. “You notice that the physical presence of staff in the office is a loss. For example, the person you need has just started working at home and therefore difficult to reach. As a result, answers to important questions take longer than you are used to.”


In this situation, working remotely is now indispensable. Although this requires some adjustments here and there, we are becoming creative with each other in finding solutions. For example, we provide all training courses online until April 28, instead of at our location in Rotterdam. This requires flexibility from both our customers and our own employees. Fortunately, this is going well for the time being.

“The courses were given online, and this went completely fine,” said Pieter Voorwinden.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to keep in touch with each other. The implementation of your Carerix system and the associated training will continue as planned. “A permanent contact person is nice even though you have not yet met each other physically,” says Denise.

More information?

Do you want to know more about the status of your implementation? Or do you, now you have more time for the optimization of your work processes, and orienting on a (new) software package? Request an online demo here.