28 November 2014

Carerix Roadshow 2014 a great success!

On November 27th, the Carerix Roadshow took place at the Postillion in Bunnik (Utrecht, Netherlands). It was a successful and stimulating afternoon. Around 200 customers attended the many different inspirational sessions taking part in parallel to each other. Likewise, the Carerix Roadmap 2014/2015 was explained, with all the new and future functionalities being examined in closer detail. Click here to check out all Carerix innovations.

So, you weren’t able to attend the Carerix Roadshow? Never mind, don’t panic! We will shortly be organizing webinars on the topics dealt with at the Roadshow, to give you a better insight and to help optimize your work processes.



Highlights of Roadshow programme:
Geert-Jan Waasdorp (Intelligence Group) outlined current developments and trends in the world of recruitment & selection and secondment.

“Access to candidates is becoming a commodity” Geert-Jan Waasdorp (Intelligence Group)

The sessions of our partners:

Your website is your digital office, make sure it’s prim and proper!

“Is your website just making up the numbers? Recruitment sites operate on the basis of AICC; accessibility, interest, captivation and commitment.” Speaker: Ricardo Risamasu

Hands-on in Active Sourcing

“Active sourcing is hot! Finding the best candidates in your Carerix AND external databases quickly and easily”. Speakers: Philip van Leeuwen and Marcel Wijngaard

Talent Acquisition; learning to understand and use online channels more effectively

“In the ‘War For Talent’ it’s vital to know exactly where to find the right candidates and how successful placements have been made in the past.” Speaker: Wim Van Meerbeeck

Customers were likewise given the opportunity to see the 2014/15 Carerix roadmap and we were able to demonstrate the wealth of smart and handy tools which make working with Carerix even more convenient and effective.

Carerix Updates & Innovations
Speaker: Kelly van der Laan – Carerix
Over the last 12 months we have been working hard to make Cx5 better, easier and handier. Take, for example, the new Outlook integration, the improved workflow options, the revamped LinkedIn browser, new professional, supplier, RPO portals, dashboards and lots more!

RPO and other business models
Speaker: Arco Westbroek – Carerix
Traditional recruitment & selection models are being squeezed. Margins and supply are becoming tighter. Time for new business models. What new business models are evolving and how can these be harnessed by paying greater attention to RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)?

Control and Optimization with figures in Carerix
Speaker: Alwin Baaij – Carerix
Workflow and processes are keys means of control for your organisation. After all, these enable you to do the right things quickly and effectively. But how can you fine-tune your work processes even more effectively with Cx5? For example, by making (your own) fields (in)visible at every step of the process. But, alongside proper records, the right dashboards too are critical in helping you take the right decisions.