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08 April 2021

Customer case: Intelligent, data-driven recruitment processes for Techsharks with the integration of OnRecruit into Carerix

Last year was, despite the corona crisis, a good year for Techharks. Not only have they been a Carerix client for five years, they have also made great strides in positioning themselves and putting a strong employer brand on the map. At Techsharks they know all too well that this strong employer brand is connected with good data use. We spoke with Suzanne van der Horst (Brand Manager at Techsharks), Suresh Sital (Online Marketing & Data Manager at Techsharks) and Dirk Meeuws (COO & CTO at OnRecruit).

Looking for sharks

Techsharks is an employer that mediates technical personnel. A competitive market in which people are often looking for new candidates in the same place. But how do you make sure that you are (and remain) distinctive compared to your competitors, and how do you make sure that you also know how to find and connect with the right target group? Techsharks entered into a partnership with OnRecruit over two years ago to answer this question. OnRecruit gives you insight into the entire recruitment process based on data. The online recruitment process is linked to your offline data in your ATS, allowing you to make your processes even more transparent.

“Techsharks was looking for a company that could help them further professionalize the marketing department towards a data-driven organization. They wanted to ensure that marketing was deployed even better and goals were based on facts by working with meaningful, measurable data,” said Dirk Meeuws.

A clear plan

It soon became clear that we first had to work on setting up a good strategy and a clear plan. Behind the scenes, we worked hard to clean up and optimize the systems we already used. The outcome of this was the start of a new beginning.

“Because of the good cooperation with OnRecruit and Carerix we now know exactly how we can reach different target groups by using data. Suzanne and Nicole from brand and content can then get to work with this data and translate it into the right marketing mix to suit the target group,” says Suresh.

Distinction through personal attention

The combination of strong branding and the appropriate use of data means that Techsharks is always able to reach the right target group. The choice for this branding shows that they go for personal attention and real stories. Something that is highly appreciated by clients and candidates, especially in these times. This strong combination ensures that the love for Techsharks grows: the number of applications increases, followers grow and there is a growing increase in micro and macro conversions.
“Establishing a strong brand is something you do together. Marketing only tells and spreads the story, but it is our people, the recruitment specialists, and account specialists who genuinely care about our sharks. In the world we live in today, that’s the new gold. Sincere attention,” says Suzanne

Using the previously defined strategy as a starting point, we tried to make the brand accessible. To tell and show the real story. Precisely because this is very important to the teams, this simultaneously continues to challenge them to make the most of the use of data.

“Because we have invested a lot on the back end with OnRecruit, Carerix and Talmark in optimizing tools and systems, we now know how to reach the right target group for every vacancy. For example, by making good use of Carerix, I know exactly how many mechanics we have, how we can best approach them, and which marketing mix is relevant”, says Suresh.

“Techsharks has a very strong approach due to their clever combination of Brand and Data. Techsharks is distinctive, daring to profile itself and lead the way in applying innovative technology. An example for many in the market,” said Ricardo Risamasu (Partner at Talmark).

Using data correctly

A good brand stands or falls by using data correctly. But Techsharks doesn’t just use its partnership with OnRecruit externally to find the best candidates.

“We find internal dashboarding just as important. With Carerix data, for example, I can filter by status, and thereby evaluate the work of the various teams and business units. Before the collaboration with OnRecruit, decisions were often based on feelings. Thanks to the link with OnRecruit we can now make this much clearer. A fully data-driven organization is one of our ambitions for the future,” says Suresh.

With OnRecruit’s Recruitment Intelligence Platform, Techsharks is able to establish a strong employer brand. In the future, Techsharks wants to create even more data-driven teams, so that different teams can achieve their goals together.