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09 September 2020

De Pooter uses video and makes the recruitment process more personal

Carerix customer, De Pooter, integrates video in the recruitment process in collaboration with Flipbase. Video can be used at any stage of the process, making candidate recruiting a lot more efficient and personalized. Curious what contribution video can make to your recruitment process? We tell you more about it in this case.

Who is De Pooter?

For more than half a century, the Zeeland personnel services bureau De Pooter has been engaged in mediating personnel for a range of industries. But how do they stand out from all other agencies?

De Pooter believes in a personal approach and together with theĀ  Flipbase video technology it is possible to meet the true person behind the CV. And that brings nice stories.

Let’s start with some personal experiences from Vera, consultant at De Pooter!

“Video is decisive when in doubt!”

In a procedure we were very enthusiastic about a candidate who actually did not meet all vacancy requirements. Based on only the CV and motivation the client would not invite him for an interview.

That is why the consultant asked the candidate to do a video assignment so that they could already get to know him. This was very positive. Shortly afterwards, he was interviewed and even hired!

“It gives you the opportunity to meet the candidate in advance!”

Due to the enormous amount of pressure at one of the clients, we have set up the most efficient possible selection procedure using Flipbase. How? From Carerix we have sent the candidates an invitation to make a video assignment in which they briefly introduce themselves by answering a personal question.

This enabled the client, together with the CV and motivation letter, to “meet” the candidate in the selection procedure. Of the three candidates that were proposed, one was eventually invited to come for an interview and it turned out immediately! And within six months that person was also offered a permanent contract!

How does De Pooter use video?

Integration in the existing process

Flipbase is fully integrated in De Pooter’s Applicant Tracking System (Carerix). This gives them various options for using video in the process. From the application, via a pre-selection to the final nomination of candidates to clients.

Video application
Candidates have the option to apply via the website, in addition to the CV and motivation letter, with video. This offers them a unique opportunity to introduce themselves and thus put themselves in the spotlight. The video, together with the other data, enters directly into the candidate file so that the Consultant can view it immediately.

“If an image is worth a thousand words, is a video worth a million?”

Video preselection
From Carerix, the consultants can also send a video assignment to one or more candidates later in the process. An assignment can consist of answering one or more questions in the video. These videos also enter directly into the candidate file in Carerix and can be presented to several clients together with the CV and motivation letter.

“If you use video in the right way, it is authentic and timeless.”

If the candidate is not invited for an interview, the consultant can choose to present the same video, together with other details of the candidate, to another customer. This increases the chance that the candidate will be placed, which offers advantages for everyone involved.

They achieve this by inviting the candidate to a personal question “What was your biggest challenge of the past year?” in video, this is what makes video so unique according to Vera.

Would you like to know more about how you can enrich your recruitment process through video? Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.