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11 February 2021

EN HR solutions optimizes RPO services thanks to the Carerix Corporate HR portal

EN HR solutions have known that recruitment can be done differently since 2002. With the RPO business model as a starting point, they have helped many companies such as VGZ, Dutch Lottery and Dräger with the establishment and improvement of the entire recruitment process. With this innovative look at the job market, they work from a strong premise: Recruitment is a speciality, Recruitment Process Outsourcing the solution.

Through RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) they build, together with the client, a real employer brand. The entire recruitment process is taken out of their hands. From creating awareness to the final onboarding of a candidate. This always in the name of the client. For permanent employees, temporary workers and interim positions.

Building a strong employer brand together

When Rob Vormer, Online Manager at EN HR solutions, started working for the company 7 years ago, the market looked very different. Building an employer brand together has changed a lot since then. Now Rob knows better than anyone that it is important to give recruitment a central place in your organization.

“Recruitment is an important part of your business strategy”.

EN HR solutions offer a wide range of services and take over recruitment processes from the customer. The recruitment process starts at EN HR solutions with creating awareness. To realize this, they have recruiters and a wide range of marketers working within the organization. Together they look at the development of an employer brand, a website and social media. But offline communication is also considered.

Realization and implementation

Depending on what the customer wants, the implementation is started after determining the strategy. How long the implementation takes differs per organization, but thanks to the good cooperation between partners, EN HR solutions knows how to implement the desired processes within a foreseeable time.

“What makes our collaboration so strong is listening carefully to each other, what wishes does EN HR solutions have and how can we help to realize these? Because of the short lines of communication, communication is smooth and we have been able to contribute to what is now a standard package of Carerix with the HR portal for EN HR solutions. My wish is to continue this pleasant cooperation for a long time to come and to deepen it further,” says Marjolein Bouwer, Customer Success Manager Carerix.

An important part of the service provided by EN HR Solutions is the implementation of the Corporate HR Portal of Carerix. The Corporate HR Portal is a communication tool to structure the process between the recruiter and the hiring manager. This working method ensures that the entire recruitment process can be managed centrally in one place. It offers transparency, efficiency and prevents mail traffic throughout the organization because all communication is in one system. From integrating an approval flow that starts with the vacancy application and ends with the onboarding of the new employee. As a result, recruitment is no longer an island within an organization and the entire business can be involved in recruitment processes in an easy way.

“We find the portal a good solution in the context of privacy and centralizing recruitment. In addition, speed is guaranteed in the process, making the selection and screening of candidates a lot faster.”

Effective communication

Speed is very important in the work of the recruiter in order not to lose candidates. But the HR Portal does not only provide speed. Also, by using the Corporate HR Portal, all teams are more involved with the business and communication is faster and more effective.

“Involvement with recruitment and transparency in selecting candidates are major benefits of working with the HR Portal”

The portal allows you to run reports easily. This helps the recruiter in making decisions and will therefore be able to take on more of an advisory role. The recruiter can therefore make a positive contribution to process improvement. On the other hand, the hiring manager will feel more involved in the process. For example, as a hiring manager, you could log into the portal yourself to view candidates.

“With the portal you make recruitment a joint process. People often like to take a look. Recruitment contributes to the coherent whole and is no longer an island within the organization”.