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04 August 2020

‘Hoppenbrouwers Techniek’ handles 4500 applications per year more efficiently with Carerix

As a result of the good results achieved by Carerix customer Hoppenbrouwers Techniek, we interviewed Sam Martens, HR advisor at Hoppenbrouwers Techniek.

Since the start in 1918, Hoppenbrouwers Techniek has grown into a large technical service provider, which designs, installs and maintains electrical and mechanical installations throughout the Netherlands. With around 1300 employees and 13 branches in the south and middle of the Netherlands, they are strongly represented.

The technical projects range from the installation of hundreds of solar panels to the installation of a completely new lighting installation in the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium. Hoppenbrouwers Techniek serves thousands of customers every year and it is not for nothing that its mission is to be the best partner for employees, customers and schools.

The Hoppenbrouwers culture
Job satisfaction is one of the most important core values ​​within Hoppenbrouwers Techniek. In the years 2017-2018 and 2019-2020 they were therefore labeled as “Best employer”. “Companies know where to find us for their technical projects, in which people and the pleasure of going to work every day naturally play a very important role.” Says Sam Martens, HR advisor at Hoppenbrouwers Techniek.

Job satisfaction and corporate culture are of great importance to Hoppenbrouwers. When recruiting new employees, it is therefore ensured that the company culture can be tasted well. A lot of attention is paid to this during the various steps in the recruitment process. Hoppenbrouwers Techniek is also always busy optimizing the recruitment process and there is a focus on personal development.

“We always take a critical look at our own processes. We are constantly improving ourselves and creating the best version of our organization. We do this, for example, by gaining insight into data and determining the strategy on the basis thereof. Of course we adjust when necessary. In addition, we stimulate career opportunities and training, even in times of Corona. In addition to vacancies, we not only offer traineeships and internships, but also dual learning programs, school programs and side jobs.” Sam said.

More applications, less overview
Hoppenbrouwers Techniek knows what the importance of a good employer brand is better than anyone.

“As a company you can really distinguish yourself in the field of communication and job marketing. To make Hoppenbrouwers Techniek known among applicants, we therefore started this first. We are always looking for people who consciously choose Hoppenbrouwers instead of purely a job. Thanks to the use of various marketing techniques, our brand awareness as a good employer increased enormously. ”

Due to these efforts, it wasn’t long before Hoppenbrouwers Techniek received about 4,500 applications per year. The number of personnel officers grew and Hoppenbrouwers Techniek increasingly lacked an overview.

“We hardly had any insight into what had previously been discussed with applicants. Giving the applicant the optimal follow-up became difficult as a result. In addition, we had no reporting options in the application process, something that we are so familiar with within the rest of the organization. It quickly became clear: we missed a good ATS.” Sam says.

The search for a future-proof ATS
To select the correct ATS, Hoppenbrouwers Techniek drew up a so-called project briefing. This set out all requirements that the ATS had to meet. For example, the system had to be user-friendly, but integrations with multi-posters, among other things, were also important. In addition, all processes were analyzed, so that the wishes came up quickly.

“You work with several colleagues in a system, so it is important that you know what has and has not been done. We also gained insight into developments in the market and where Carerix is ​​going. That gave a good picture for the coming years.” Sam continues.

“We invited several parties, including Carerix. Carerix immediately stood out because of the knowledge in all areas. With Carerix, we saw that in addition to beautiful functionalities, we could also obtain a good basis, for example by configuring the GDPR. It is very nice that we hardly have to worry about this, because the basis is neatly processed in Carerix and the candidate is asked for consent via triggers. ”

Hoppenbrouwers Techniek quickly noticed that the reaction speed improved, even though they have not been working with Carerix for very long. There is insight into the lead time and where necessary this is further optimized.

“We have the insight we previously missed. We now know better what is going on and what the next steps are in the process.”

Working relaxed
In addition to Carerix, Hoppenbrouwers Techniek also uses an ERP system. In the future, Hoppenbrouwers Techniek plans to merge this data and the data from Carerix using the tools from Carerix Analytics.

“We see that we can get much more out of it, but it is already much more relaxed working. Since going live with Carerix, we have regularly discussed how we use the system and how we can make it even more efficient. In this way, the end users are also enthusiastic. We continue to optimize our processes in Carerix. We look forward to a good future thanks to our collaboration with Carerix and we look forward to great results. ”