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04 July 2020

Mobility platforms as medicine for job market

The job market is changing due to the consequences of COVID19. We see an increase in unemployment, but also persistent or new scarcity within specific sectors. It is therefore important to invest in job mobility. In collaboration with Talmark, specialist in digital talent marketing, we have set up a mobility platform that responds to these changes.

Changes within branches

Within sectors there may be opposite movements. For example, where in one part of the logistics sector people in distribution for the catering industry are fired, in the other part there is a shortage of suitable personnel. Think of the latter, for example, scarcity of personnel in distribution centers of supermarkets and web shops as a result of exploding online shopping.

That is why it is important that job seekers can and do work within or outside their own professional direction or sector. A job mobility platform of a branch or sector organization can then offer help. A platform where supply and demand come together. Carerix has developed a mobility platform with Talmark especially for this target group.

A platform for job seekers and employers

A mobility platform provides a broad overview of available jobs, professionals and organizations in a sector. The platform responds to the specific characteristics of the sector so that content and functionality offer real added value for people looking for work and companies looking for employees. As this is cross-company, a sector organization as a facilitator is an excellent initiator for a mobility platform.

In this capacity, it guides job seekers in finding a new job and supports employers in the search for new candidates. The goal: to retain knowledge and craftsmanship in a specific industry.

How does it work?

The solution from Carerix and Talmark results in a website similar to a working-at website, but then for an entire industry. Candidates can search hundreds of vacancies and get to know employers in the industry through company pages. Jobseekers can also place an anonymous profile on the platform. Companies looking for talent can search for suitable candidates in this profile file. The mobility platform brings together supply and demand.

The Carerix software ensures a solid data structure and work processes at the back of the mobility platform. While the knowledge and solution of Talmark ensure an optimal website and candidate experience.

Sector Institute Transport and Logistics kicks off

The Sector Institute for Transport and Logistics (STL) reacts quickly to the changed market conditions and, together with Carerix and Talmark, is realizing a new mobility platform. This summer, STL launches the new platform to retain the professionals for the sector and to facilitate employers and employees. 

More information 

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