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09 November 2020


We can all agree we would rather have our job opening filled in yesterday than today. But how do you approach this if you receive a difficult vacancy? With the help of a multiposter you can post your vacancy directly with one click on various job boards. The biggest advantage is that your vacancy has way more reach with one click.

Let’s start with an example: last week you received a very interesting job opening for the position of an electrical engineer. Great, but you also know that it will be a challenge to recruit suitable candidates for this vacancy.

As always, you start your search within your ATS. You search through your current database looking for a suitable candidate. You discover that there is only one potential candidate for whom you did not have a suitable job at the time. You give him a call, but as expected he already has a job. Time to write a catchy vacancy text for your own website.

The vacancy has now been on your website for a week, but you have not yet received any responses. You are satisfied with the vacancy text itself, so you decide to dive into other options. What else can you do to bring your vacancy to the attention of the right target group?

Enrich the target audience

To get the most out of your ATS, we work together with various strategic partners. For example, do you want to post a vacancy quick & easy on various job boards? Then use multiposting. Multiposting is often used to expand the current recruitment system and ensures that your vacancy is seen by the desired target group. The aim is to publish vacancies at once to all relevant platforms. One of the advantages of multiposting is that all vacancies are posted automatically. The only thing you need to do is enter your vacancies once for them to appear on different channels.

Post vacancies effortlessly

With multiposting, you can post all your vacancies at once on all websites and social media channels where you want to post a vacancy. Usually, this is done from one batch, almost real-time. You, therefore, have no influence on the order in which the vacancies are accepted on the job boards. You can more or less assume that search engines will use the first site on which they find a vacancy as a source. That is why it is important to place your vacancies in the correct order. So, carefully consider which criteria you find important and should be linked to the job boards.

Why use multiposting?

  • Greater reach: You can automatically forward vacancies to many affiliated job boards at the touch of a button.
  • Free job boards: Using free job boards, you’ll save costs on your recruitment campaign.

Let’s use another example:
An organization that operates in technology always uses the same job board. However, competition is fierce in this industry, which means that the cost per click quickly increases. If you use the same budget that you use for that one job board, and spread it over 10 different job boards, you pay a lot less per click and keep the same number of applications.

You save time, it’s a lot more convenient and you are still in control. Posting vacancies with the help of a multiposter is an effective way of both posting and removing vacancies. You can easily expand the distribution of your vacancies yourself. You are in control.

With a multiposting tool, you keep working from your ATS, and as a bonus: candidates who apply for a vacancy are automatically created in your ATS. This way you have all your relevant data at your fingertips.

As mentioned earlier, Carerix works together with various professional partners who meet your specific wishes and current trends. Are you curious about how you can organize your recruitment process more efficiently by using multiposting?