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24 June 2020

New branding Carerix

We have worked hard and now the time has come: Carerix has a new branding! The reason for the rebranding is the need for innovation and cohesion between the different brands after the acquisition of the PIXID Group in mid-2018. The branding and website of the PIXID Group itself also underwent a full rebranding.

That is why we proudly present you the new Carerix house style! In addition to a new fresh logo, the colors and font have also been updated. Do you want to replace the Carerix logo on, for example, your website?
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The current market requires a new approach and at the same time new, flexible sourcing solutions. Employment agencies and other large or small companies are all looking for the right talent at the right place. To address these challenges, PIXID Group combines ATS (Amris, Carerix) and VMS (PIXID) technologies to create a total talent acquisition solution that meets the needs and requirements of customers across Europe. The combination of these integrations offers the market a progressive hub: a virtual environment where offices and companies can efficiently communicate with each other.

The purpose

The purpose of this new identity is to strengthen cohesion of all brands so that we can offer our customers a total all in one solution.

Why a new branding?

A new branding stands for growth and fits our ambition to become the leading digital platform in Europe. With the focus on this growth, we are ready to further promote our new identity. This new branding is the result of a complete transformation of the PIXID Group.

The power of the X

One of the most important elements of the new branding is the presence of the X, which is reflected in all brands. The X stands for meeting, connection and exchange. All paths cross this X, and is the center of all communication.