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21 September 2021

New editorial guidelines & a direct apply button

What will change at Google for Jobs as of October 1st

Google for Jobs has been the preferred way of promoting vacancies. Starting in America, Google for Jobs continued to expand to the rest of the world. We are now also well acquainted with the Google functionality in the Netherlands and it is time for the first major change for Google for Jobs. From October 1, new editorial guidelines will come into effect and there will be an option to give vacancies a ‘apply directly’ button.

New editorial guidelines

To improve the job search experience, Google has decided to make some changes to the service. Agencies and employers will have to take into account new editorial guidelines in their vacancy texts from 1 October. Google will check whether vacancy texts are not ‘fake’, in other words: show vacancies a real ‘job opportunity’.

In the official statement from Google for Jobs, Google gives the tip to only mark pages as a job when they contain one full job. In addition, expired vacancies must be deleted and old vacancies may not be republished as new.

In addition, according to Google, it is important to offer a good user experience. According to Google users, sites with a poor user experience are sites that ask for user information when it is not needed, pages that have poor quality (for example, excessive or obstructive advertisements) or have complex application processes.

According to Google, a bad user experience equals poorly completed applications.

Apply directly

The ‘apply directly’ button is a new option at Google for Jobs that allows you to let candidates apply directly via Google. Google offers this button when the applicant can fill in a short and clear application form on your job site.

Google for Jobs in a nutshell

Job seekers can find vacancies more easily and effectively with Google for Jobs. Using microdata, small pieces of additional data that help Google discover the right topic and context for your web page, Google puts job openings from all kinds of sources in a prominent place – even above further search results. Thanks to this new way, the recruiter will soon not only get more, but also more motivated applicants.

Job seekers can fill in various criteria in Google for Jobs, so that you get applicants who are better suited to the vacancy. According to job board CareerBuilder, 73% of job seekers on Google start their job search. It is therefore very important that your vacancy is visible on Google for Jobs.

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