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17 October 2017

Partnership between Carerix and Hosted VOIP provider Tritel offers greater convenience and better Candidate Experience in recruitment sector

‘Candidate details automatically displayed in Carerix for inbound calls, and outbound calls made directly from Carerix’

Delft/Alkmaar, 17. October 2017 – Carerix, which supplies recruitment solutions that help corporate recruiters and intermediaries to find the best match, has established a partnership with Tritel, which specialises in Hosted VOIP, internet, mobile and cloud services. The partnership means Tritel’s Hosted VOIP telephony can be integrated with Carerix. This allows specific candidate or client details to be automatically displayed in Carerix when inbound calls are received on your land-line or mobile phone. It is also possible to make direct calls by simply pressing the telephone number shown in Carerix. Besides functional benefits, this also helps to realise considerable savings when it comes to telephone costs.

Demand from the market

Tritel will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2017 and was one of the first suppliers of Hosted VOIP in the Netherlands. “We were pioneers in the field of cloud-based telephony”, says Toine van den Boomen, Co-owner of Tritel. “At this moment in time, approximately half of all companies have switched to VOIP telephony and we expect the rest to make the switch in the coming three or four years. We offer our services to a wide range of companies, including those in the recruitment sector. The partnership with Carerix was actually established due to demand from the market. A customer, who worked with Tritel as well as Carerix, asked us whether it was possible to integrate the two solutions.

Integration without major investment

The integration between Tritel and Carerix has been realised in the meantime. It is a ‘plug-and-play’ solution, which does not require complex customisation processes and expensive investments. According to Van den Boomen, the main benefits include a reduction in call times and improved candidate experience thanks to customer recognition. “When making outbound calls, recruiters can quickly and efficiently call candidates by pressing the phone icon in the Carerix system. For inbound calls, Tritel recognises callers before the phone is answered (if they have been registered in Carerix) and immediately displays the concerned name and dossier. And last but not least, mobile telephony has also been fully integrated, which is in keeping with the ‘mobile first’ principle of Carerix.”

Innovation as important advantage

Carerix CEO Reinald Snik regards innovation as one of Tritel’s main strengths: “The use case for Carerix is that integration with their Hosted VOIP solution helps our customers to immediately see who is calling when inbound calls are received, and to then go directly to the concerned candidate or contact person in the Carerix system. This creates greater convenience and helps to improve candidate and customer experience because recruiters are able to immediately access information they need for the conversation. Outbound calls can be made via a phone icon in the Carerix application. In addition, Tritel can assist our customers if they want to switch to VOIP telephony or reduce telephone-related costs.”

About Carerix

Carerix is a supplier of recruitment and staffing systems for personnel intermediaries, which are hosted via a SaaS model and supplied via secure data centres. Carerix was founded in 2003 and currently has almost 50 employees and over 650 clients, including (divisions of) Randstad, USG, Adecco, DPA, Manpower and specialised intermediaries in ICT, oil & gas, finance and the service industry. Carerix serves over 10,000 users every day, in 17 different countries, and collaborates with various strategic partners. Besides the head office near the Rotterdam The Hague Airport Carerix also has a development site in Kiev. For further information: www.carerix.com

About Tritel

Tritel specialises in devising, supplying and managing total solutions for ICT, data and telecommunication in the business market. From its head office in Alkmaar, Tritel offers its customers a reliable and stable environment which allows them to communicate at any time, any where and in any manner. In this involves placing great emphasis on personal contact, mutual trust and transparent communication. The services offered by Tritel have been given an average score of 9.0 by its existing customers. Furthermore, Tritel has, as one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, been awarded the FD Gazelle Award for the seventh consecutive year by the Financieel Dagblad. Tritel employs a total of 40 people and, besides its head office in Alkmaar, also has divisions in Den Bosch and The Hague. For further information: www.tritel.nl

Note for editorial staff
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