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14 March 2019

PIXID launches its end-to-end cloud-based recruitment solution myPixid in Ireland

On March 13, Pixid Group announced that their software solution ‘myPixid’ will also be rolled out to Ireland. Pixid Group is market leader in ATS and VMS solutions in Europe, with software solutions like ‘Carerix, Pixid Services, myPixid and Amris.

myPixid is already Europe’s leading mid-market VMS platform and will work in tandem with PIXID’s other technology solutions to help agencies and end clients of all sizes to streamline all aspects of the recruitment process.

“The Irish employment market isinteresting on so many levels and we are delighted to be launching myPixid at a time of tremendous growth in the Irish economy and the significant rise in demand for talent that has come in its wake.
Our technology can cater for all kinds of agencies and end clients and – along with our othertechnology offerings – will provide temporary staffing and recruitment solutions that are highlyscaleable and cost effective even for the most well-established companies in the country.
I amvery much looking forward to attending this week’s annual National Recruitment Federation conference in Dublin.”

– Mark Kieve, CEO Pixid UK and Ireland

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