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06 June 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Carerix introduces ‘Continuous Feedback’ with Starred

Candidate-friendly feedback improves the Candidate Experience and makes recruiters more appealing to talent

Delft/Amsterdam 6 June 2017 Carerix, which supplies recruitment solutions to corporate recruiters and intermediaries, has improved its service by adding a candidate-friendly feedback tool by Starred. This software application, which is offered as a SaaS service, allows candidates to use a single-page survey to give feedback with one simple click. The integration with Starred means Carerix can offer a real-time insight into the candidate journey at any moment in time. Starred is still a young company, which was founded in 2012 by Lars van Wieren. He worked with a few developers to create a solution that makes it easier for people to give feedback. In the meantime, Starred has eighteen employees that focus on support and development from the company's head office in Amsterdam. The international market is served from its second office in London.

Focus on the candidate

“Respondents are becoming increasingly annoyed by having to complete long questionnaires, even though this information is a valuable source of information for recruiters in an increasingly complex market”ť, says Mark Berendsen, Managing Director at Starred. “Our application makes giving feedback fun because we focus on the respondent.” Candidates receive a personal invitation via e-mail, to which specific candidate characteristics can be added, such as registration date and prefix. Unlike many other surveys, the questionnaire only takes up a single page (with the ‘send’ button clearly visible).

Better candidate insight

The partnership between Starred and Carerix was formed after a customer case for a mutual client. Mark Berendsen: “They were so enthusiastic that they asked if we could create an interface with Carerix.”ť Starred hopes the partnership with Carerix will help to optimise and improve the experience of candidates in the recruitment sector. According to Berendsen, candidate experience is still not measured very often in the HR and recruitment sector. “Even though it is very important to learn from candidates. Our tool focuses on candidates and asks the right questions. This automatically leads to a higher response rate and a better customer insight. Candidates really have the feeling that their voice is being heard.”ť

Market position

“Effective knowledge about candidates is essential to intermediaries, outsourcers, HR managers and hiring managers. Starred's feedback tool gives our customers a powerful instrument, which offers them a real-time insight into candidates”, says Reinald Snik, CEO at Carerix.

About Carerix

Carerix supplies recruitment solutions that help corporate recruiters and intermediaries to find the best match. The solutions are hosted in a SaaS model and supplied via secure data centres. Carerix was founded in 2003, has almost 70 employees and over 700 clients, including (divisions of) Randstad, USG, Adecco, DPA, Manpower and specialised intermediaries in ICT, oil & gas, finance and the service industry. Carerix serves over 10,000 users every day, in 17 different countries, and collaborates with various strategic partners. Besides the head office at the TU Delft Science park, Carerix also has a development site in Kiev. For further information: www.carerix.com

About Starred

Starred develops intelligent and customer-friendly feedback solutions that improve response rate. Correctly requesting and following up feedback is crucial when trying to discover how respondents feel. They can be commercial or private users, as well as candidates in an applicant journey. Starred was founded in 2012 and currently employees 18 people. Its customers vary from young and fast-growing scale ups to large companies, including Wehkamp, Nestle©, Catawiki, Spotify, Young Capital and Deutsche Post. The company's head office is located in Amsterdam. Starred also has an office in London, which is used to serve the international market. For further information: www.starred.com

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